Offer new clothes to residents who have lost everything

Thread Together, a mobile wardrobe in a van provided new clothes for the 28 residents affected by the fire that tore through the Bayside Lodge in Lota on Saturday night.

Jodie Simpson, Dependable Care Senior Support Coordinator, with Kate Littmann-Kelly, Thread Together Volunteer Coordinator, and Joanne Tomada, owner of Bayside Lodge, 2 MacDonald Street, Lota, where new clothes were dropped off.

All residents and their caregivers were able to escape the fire unscathed thanks to responsive house staff.

Thread Together volunteer coordinator Kate Littmann-Kelly said she was thinking of all the residents and hoped the brand new clothes could help them get back on their feet.

“When I heard the news this weekend, my heart went out to all the residents, staff and their families, as this is a terrifying situation to be involved in,” Ms Littmann-Kelly said. .

“We are delighted to hear that all residents have been released safely.

The Thread Together van traveled to the drop-off location at 2 MacDonald Street, Lota on Monday July 11 to deliver new clothes to those who have lost their belongings.

“Thread Together, Anglicare Southern Queensland and the Anglican Parish of Indooroopilly are working together to help any residents who have lost their belongings and we will be providing new clothing to help them get back on their feet.”

Bayside Lodge owner Joanne Tomada said all residents were still shocked and trying to come to terms with the news, but really appreciated the new clothes provided to them.

“All residents are safe and have been housed,” Ms Tomada said.

“It was horrible for everyone. The staff did a wonderful job of getting everyone out in the dark.

“Thank you Thread Together for coming here and donating clothes, it’s just amazing and will be put to good use.

“It will just make their day and put a smile on their face and it will bring them joy during a difficult time.”

The community has truly come together in support of both residents and staff at Bayside Lodge, with some purchasing goods and delivering them to them on Monday July 11th.

“The community has been amazing and donated a lot of stuff, which is really appreciated,” said Jodie Simpson, Senior Support Coordinator for Dependable Care.

“At the moment we would benefit from basic foods such as pasta, rice, canned food, some kitchen utensils, dishes, plates, cups, coffee mugs, art activities and crafts and any board games would be greatly appreciated.”

Thread Together is an Australian first, dedicated to taking surplus new clothing from manufacturers and designers and redistributing it to vulnerable people within the community at no cost to the recipient.

Since launching last year in Brisbane on February 23, the van has visited more than 100 sites helping more than 3,500 people in Brisbane.

“We visit a range of different government, community and religious services, including homeless services for women, refugee support organisations, services that support young people in the justice system or at risk of homelessness — really, any service supporting people who are doing it a little hard,” Ms. Littmann-Kelly said.

“We also help in emergency situations where someone might have lost their clothes in a fire, flood or other disaster.”

Recently, Thread Together has helped thousands of flood-affected people in Queensland and New South Wales and also provided emergency relief to many Ukrainians who escaped war in their home country.

“The demand is only growing – with the pandemic, with the unemployed and the housing crisis and the Queensland floods, it is so important that we can at least relieve some pressure on people and keep them warm and cool. comfortable,” she said.

The Thread Together van is sponsored by Bendon Lingerie and is supported and managed by Anglicare Southern Queensland and St Andrew’s Anglican Parish, Indooroopilly.

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