No food or clothing: Taliban Deputy Prime Minister calls for help amid economic crisis, South Asia News

The Taliban called on Friday for emergency humanitarian aid without “political bias.” Afghanistan’s aid-dependent economy has been in turmoil since the Taliban took power. The country’s $ 9 billion in reserves, which are mostly held in the United States, have been frozen and the IMF has frozen around $ 450 million.

Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar said in a video that the world has an obligation to help. “In various places right now, people don’t have food, shelter, warm clothes or money. The world must support the Afghan people without political bias and fulfill their humanitarian obligations, ”he said.

Baradar further highlighted how the weather has exacerbated the economic crisis. “We call on the international community, NGOs and all countries not to forget our poor,” he said.

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Earlier in December, UN humanitarian chief Marty Griffiths called on the international community to intervene to prevent more deaths. Afghanistan’s economic collapse “is happening before our eyes,” he said.

Griffiths told The Associated Press that donor countries must agree that in addition to emergency humanitarian aid, they must meet basic needs of Afghans such as education, hospitals, electricity and salaries for officials. In his opinion, it is also essential to inject liquidity into the economy, which has seen the banking system “quite well closed”.

He further pointed out that four million children are out of school and nine million more will soon be because 70 percent of teachers have not been paid since August.

“And if we don’t succeed, this whole discussion about the right of women and girls to go to school becomes academic. So my message today is a wake-up call on the humanitarian consequences of an economic collapse and the need for urgent action, ”he said.

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