New mum attracts unwanted attention over Facebook ad selling clothes

A woman says she was inundated with unsolicited messages from men after posting a photo of herself in an item of clothing she was trying to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

April, who is a DJ, posted a photo of herself wearing an orange two-piece beachwear set on the site.

She was cradling her belly in the image, later revealing she was pregnant when the photo was taken.

But instead of garnering interest in the outfit from potential buyers, April got interest for another quarter entirely.

She shared on TikTok some of the multiple messages she received from men on the list, which garnered over 15,000 views.

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In her TikTok clip, she wrote of the photo, “POV: You innocently upload this photo to Marketplace to sell the outfit.”

The clip used the song by Kim Petras and Sam Smith Impious.

A response she received to the ad read, “Dress to impress.”

Another was simply a greeting with multiple heart emojis.

However, the posts grew increasingly vulgar with one man asking, “Are you coming with the dress?” as well as other obscene messages.

“These men are just too much. I’m literally pregnant here,” April captioned the clip.

Many women sided with April, slamming the reaction she got.

“Everything is taken sexually these days but this dress is also [a] perfect maternity dress,” one said.

Another added: “OMG this happened to me! I posted my Depop clothes on Marketplace and it was crazy.

“I remember listing something and someone asked me if I would sell my underwear. I was selling stuffed animals, like OMG,” one wrote.

Several other women shared similar experiences, but some suggested April was “demanding” the attention.

In response, the new mum said, “For you all to get nasty: I’m 100% certain that when you shop online you’re looking at models wearing the clothes to show you what the outfit looks like.

“Uploading a picture of me doesn’t mean I’m ‘asking’ for it. I’m a new mom in a healthy relationship, just trying to sell an outfit.

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