Never lose your luggage again with these AirTag accessories

STM Goods, one of Australia’s leading designers of innovative bags, laptop cases, chargers and pioneering tech products, lives up to being “smarter than most” with its AirTag, AirStrip and Stick Air. Whether traveling locally, regionally or internationally – or staying close to home – AirTag accessories from STM Goods are the ultimate travel companion.

Anything worth keeping an eye on — from tech to luggage, handbags, gym bags, and even cars — is worth an AirTag and an STM device to attach it to. As travel heats up, airlines struggle to keep up with growing demand, and misplaced luggage becomes commonplace, the AirTag has become an essential item to pack. AirTag accessories from STM Goods help travelers self-track their luggage and other valuables.

The AirStrip is a removable and resizable way to attach an AirTag wireless tracker easily, securely and subtly to any checked luggage or valuable item. The AirStrip is convenient and practical, allowing users to attach it anywhere, anytime. The landing strip The 2-pack sells for $24.95.

The StickAir, is a versatile adhesive AirTag mount, securely attaching an AirTag wireless tracker to any valuable item. The adhesive backing sticks quickly and reliably to most flat surfaces, allowing items such as laptops, phones, and even favorite pairs of shoes to be tracked. The StickAir 2 bundle sells for $24.95.


“We are extremely proud of our range of AirTag accessories and they are proving very popular, with greater ease of use and multi-functionality than ever before, and travel returning to pre-Covid levels. We designed these accessories to be easy to manage, provide fast wireless tracking, and suitable for any environment, from luggage at the airport to everyday use,” said Ethan Nyholm, CEO and Co-Founder from STM Goods.

AirTag accessories are now available for purchase at

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