My creepy date slipped his AirPods into my bag – here’s the creepy reason why


A TikToker is warning other women to be careful on their dates, claiming a man she dated deliberately placed his AirPods in her bag to track her movements.

“I had a weird feeling about this guy, like really, really weird all along,” Cory, also known as @corrrryyy on TikTok, said in a clip that has been viewed over 56,000 times. since its publication this week.

The model said she dated a man she had met three times before. She said their last date, about three weeks ago, was at a gym in Los Angeles where the AirPods drop allegedly took place.

She said that on her way home she noticed the AirPods in her gym bag and thought it odd that the man hadn’t contacted her about them.

“My knee-jerk reaction was that he’s stalking me, which he absolutely was because there’s literally no other reason. Why would he put his AirPods in my bag without telling me?” she said.

The AirPods can be tracked using the Find My app, which she believes he used to track his location.

Cory said she contacted him immediately to ask if he knew he had misplaced the AirPods. He reportedly replied, “Did you steal them? The TikToker was shocked by this response.

She said she asked for an address to drop off her capsules, but he insisted she keep them. She said he claimed that this way she would have another reason to see him.

Cory said she continued to pressure the man to find out how the AirPods got into her bag, but he ignored her.

According to Apple, using Apple products to track people without their consent is a crime in many countries.
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“He was just like, ‘You think about it too much. I already bought some new ones. Throw them in a lake,'” she said.

To avoid seeing him, Cory said he gave the classic “I’m seeing my ex” excuse: “I’m sorry, I can’t see you, I’m getting back together with my ex.” Please send me an address, so I can get them back to you by the end of the day.

In the two-minute video, she admits there were major red flags, including that the man allegedly doesn’t have a social media account.

“How come you don’t have social media? Not even the LinkedIn king? »

The TikToker went on four dates with the man before she cut things.
Even though she had a weird feeling about the guy, she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

One commenter shared an experience of being tracked by AirPods, “The other night I went shopping and got a notification on my phone saying the airpod pros are moving with you and I don’t not own them.”

“You can drop off the AirPods at your local police [department] and they will mark them as found property,” another viewer commented.

The TikToker closes its PSA with advice to be careful.

“Check AirPods, check Apple AirTags, check your car for those tracking devices because you never know who’s watching.”

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