Mum shares a space-saving trick on your dryer – and some had no idea


A mum has shared her trick for creating more space on her dryer simply by changing the way she hangs things up – and people hailed her tip as ‘saving’

Mum’s hack will save space on the dryer (stock photo)

If the weather is gloomy or you don’t have a suitable outdoor space, drying your clothes indoors can be a real hassle.

And with skyrocketing energy costs, many families are choosing to ditch the dryer in favor of airing their clothes in their home using a simple clothes dryer.

These come with their own challenges though, as it always feels like you never have enough space to put all your clothes in and dry them before the next wash load is ready.

But thanks to a mom on TikTok, those with young children have had their clothes-drying game revitalized – as she’s found the perfect hack to make sure you can put more of your little one’s clothes on the dryer .

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Jaymee-Lea shared the simple trick in a video on her account @jaymeelea96and all you have to do is change the way you place your child’s onesie on the dryer.

Instead of folding it over the rail like you would a t-shirt, you can save a lot of space by using the buttons or snaps at the bottom of the sleepsuit to hang the item from the rail.

Jaymee-Lea from the UK wrote in the video: “Little washing trick! Space saving tip! Look how much less space it takes up on the drying rack!”

And while the mum’s trick might seem super simple, many people in the comments had no idea – and praised her for being a “life saver”.

Latch folding takes up half the rail



Hanging them by the buttons saves so much space



One person said, “You saved my life.

While another added: ‘Where was it two years ago when my baby was going through 5+ vests a day?’

“Such a great idea,” wrote a third.

There were also people in the comments who said they’ve been using this hack for a while, and one person even said they did the same thing when they managed to get their laundry out outside on the line – because it saved on the pegs.

Someone said, “That’s what I do too!” Saves so much space. »

As someone else said, “I also do it on the clothesline, it saves pegs.”

Plus, the space-saving hack even helps babies dry off in record time, as more air can circulate through the material.

One person asked Jaymee-Lea, “Do you think it dries them faster? I started washing my baby’s stuff before she was born and it feels like it takes forever to do it in the other way.”

And she replied, “Absolutely! I find that when they’re folded up, they take forever!”

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