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It’s pouring rain and it becomes very difficult to go out in the rain without comfortable women’s shoes. A fancy pair of shoes won’t work if they get wet and make your feet cold. It is essential to protect your feet from bad weather and the monsoon. Rubber shoes and PVC shoes are the way to go if you want to get through the monsoon season without ruining your feet and your health. Brands like Bata, Crocs, and Kadims offer sleek options that facilitate comfort and style. These shoes work great even when it’s not raining because their style quotient never goes down. For all the fashionistas who are getting upset about losing their trendy shoes this season, here is the perfect list to explore for the best shoes for women.

These women’s croslite slip-on sandals are the perfect shoes for the monsoon. Women’s shoes should be both comfortable and stylish, otherwise they won’t stay in their wardrobe for too long. This wonderfully designed sandal is perfect because it’s both. Available in a wide variety of colors with signature crocs pastel and neon hues, this is a sandal that will last you for years. Durable and very easy to maintain. These are not just impulse buy sandals, but an investment for your feet.


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These women’s sandals are the perfect monsoon companion for your feet. Made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, these sandals are everything Paragon sandals are famous for. Solid, durable and avant-garde. The wonderful flashy pink color adds to the monsoon style, making them irresistible. Pair them with slim fit or ankle length jeans and a top with a sheer raincoat and you’ll have the look that’s spreading all over fashion magazines. This checks out every women’s monsoon shoe box and is a must buy!

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Office handbags are essential for working women. Women’s handbags for use in the office should be sturdy, elegant yet minimalist to look formal. The biggest challenge is having a versatile handbag that will work for both being in the office and going out.

When it comes to flip flops, these flip flops for women are fashion forward. The unique design gives them an immediate facelift and adds to the stylish element of any outfit. The heavy-duty vinyl acetate material gives them a solid build, making them extremely hard to mess up. Get them in a neutral color and your feet will have a comfortable flip-flop to slip into for years to come. Perfect for monsoon footwear, but also great flip flops for the beach and everyday wear flip flops for college and work.

Sometimes all you want is a comfortable shoe to make your feet feel better. These well-designed clogs for women are the best choice of this monsoon. Good for travel, they are perfect for your wanderlust explorations to waterfalls and long treks along jungle trails. They’re built to last, making them the pair of shoes you’ll own forever. These women’s clogs are great shoes for the rain and are good value for money, making them a great choice.

These brogue-style shoes are perfect for budding fashionistas on a budget. The cute heart and star shaped cutout detail gives the shoe an airy structure ensuring you won’t smell the smell of soggy and stale shoe during the heavy monsoon season. The lace detail makes it a great choice for women’s shoes that can be used both in the office and outdoors. Pair it with pants or jeans or layer your look with a skirt and bottoms and slip them on for a French aesthetic. Whatever your outfit, these women’s shoes will match it perfectly.

Do you love colors but feel like the monsoon is dulling you? Then these flashy red Crocs women’s flip flops are for you! Beautifully crafted with croslite, they are lightweight and waterproof. Channel your inner child and go jump in some puddles while it’s raining because your shoes are rainproof gems. Red is such a wonderful pop of color that you can pair it with basic outfits to create a style statement and never be bored because these women’s sandals are going to last you for many years to come.

A shoe clearly designed to get through the monsoon season but so elegantly designed that no one will notice! These slip-on heels feature great grip and a beautiful woven pattern, making them perfect to pair with any western outfit. Wear them in the rain and hit them effortlessly at the beach during the summer and make the most of this pair of sandals. A pair of women’s shoes that are essential for every woman and will work like magic all year round.

Another great value gem that makes a great choice for the monsoon season. A women’s shoe that fits in your pocket and is designed to get through the monsoon without any problems. The cut-out patterns bring lightness and style to this women’s shoe. The muted color makes it easy to pair with any outfit and this sandal will go great with both Indian and Western outfits. Put on a Kurti and you’ll have an easy-to-wear everyday college outfit. Pair it with pants and a shirt for the perfect work outfit or throw it on with shorts and a tee for your trip to the beach.

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Monsoon Women’s Shoes: FAQs

  1. What is the best type of footwear for the rainy season?
    Flip-flops, rubber-soled shoes, and PVC shoes are great choices for women’s monsoon rain shoes.
  2. Which sole material is good for the rainy season?
    Rubber outsoles are the best choice. They are waterproof, mud resistant and protect your feet from wet and cold.
  3. Are leather shoes good for the rainy season?
    No. Strictly avoid wearing leather shoes because when exposed to water they tend to spoil and develop mold and fungus which can further damage your feet.
  4. Are sneakers good for the rainy season?
    Yes, sneakers are a good choice. But they don’t offer as much style as rubber sandals or PVC shoes on the same budget. Sneakers should also be dried if they get wet from rain, which takes time.

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