Mom claims she found ‘giant piece of wood’ in bag of Costco frozen chicken: ‘Is that weird? »

A woman alleged that when she opened a bag of frozen chicken from Costco, there was a surprise inside.

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Mom and TikTok lounge owner @meagan.reitz claimed a bag of Costco frozen chicken also contained a random block of wood. She alleged that she did not realize the wood was inside the bag until she prepared to cook the chicken.

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“I just opened a frozen bag of chicken breasts from Costco so I could thaw some for tonight,” she explained.

When she opened the bag of chicken, she claimed there was something else inside. At first, she assumed that the mysterious object might be a piece of salmon that somehow slipped out.

She showed the bag of Kirkland chicken breasts, and it looked like a slice of salmon skin side up with the poultry.

“Turns out it wasn’t salmon,” the mother alleged. “I pulled it out, and it’s a fucking giant piece of wood. In my bag of chicken. Like, my chicken got messed up by the piece of wood. Is it weird or is it weird? Do I continue my life as usual? »

Some of the frozen chicken pieces appeared to have small bits of wood on them in the video. But @meagan.reitz decided to thaw them anyway. The video racked up 1.8 million views and TikTokers couldn’t help cracking jokes.

“It’s the new fire roast chicken kit,” someone said.

“With the price of wood, it’s a bargain,” wrote another.

“I would be less concerned about the wood than the salmon with my chicken,” one person commented.

The mother said Costco was ‘still the best’ after receiving a call from the company’s vice president of food safety and quality assurance. She claimed the rep apologized and sent her a gift card, which was “appreciated” but not necessary.

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