Men and allies who identify as men Walk a Mile in HER Shoes, raise over $120,000 for Gillian’s Place

Men and allies who identify as men have been challenged to walk a mile in HIS shoes as part of the Men’s March to End Violence Against Women. The event took place at the Pen Center on October 15, 2022.

They answered the call.

Gillian’s Place asked men and allies who identify as men to walk a mile in HIS shoes: the men’s march to end violence against women.

The event took place at the Pen Center after two years of virtual events.

This year, a total of 150 walkers and 34 teams participated. There were over 31 sponsors and Gillian’s Place raised over $120,000, exceeding the goal they had set.

Over the past 16 years, the campaign has raised over $1,290,000 for Gillian’s Place.

Since the start of the pandemic, Gillian’s Place has responded to a 91% increase in demand across all areas of programming. Since the men’s last march to the Pen Centre, 375 women, non-binary people and children have found refuge at Gillian’s Place, 8,304 crisis calls and texts have been answered and 1,709 clients have received help from their lawyer on time. fully in family law.

This drastic increase in demand signals a dangerous and threatening increase in violence and abuse against women, children, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, trans and non-binary people.

The event was moderated by Tim Denis of NewsTalk 610 CKTB.

Denis said that this year various corporate sponsors raised over $25,000.

Nicole Regehr, General Manager of Gillian’s Place, thanked everyone for coming out to support the 17th Annual Walk.

“We’re excited to get back to the roots of this event – the men’s march,” Regehr said. “Often it is women who do the work to end the violence against them. This event gives men the opportunity to be part of the solution and make a powerful visual statement of covenant listening and learning.

“Men must become the leaders to undo patriarchy and end violence against women,” she said.

Niagara Regional President Jim Bradley also spoke.

Denis joked that Bradley had earned the right to wear slippers at the event because he had been a support from the start.

“We all wish this march wasn’t necessary,” Bradley said.

Due to the ongoing physical, mental and emotional violence committed against women, organizations like Gillian Place need funding and community support, he said.

MP Chris Bittle pointed to the fact that one in four women experience violence in their lifetime.

“Think of all the women you know. One in four of them will experience violence,” Bittle said.

MP Jennie Stevens said society has seen an increase in intimate partner violence.

She thanked the walkers and sponsors as well as the volunteers who did their part.

MP Vance Badawey was straight to the point.

“Men’s violence against women must stop, period,” Badawey said.

No matter where it happens, he said, it must be stopped.

Mayor Walter Sendzik was the last guest speaker to take the stage before the march began.

“We have been fighting to end violence against women for 17 years,” he said, adding that “everyone here is making a difference.”

“We have to keep showing up,” Sendzik noted. “We must continue these difficult discussions with our uncles, our sons and our fathers.”

He promised he would return next year to support the march as well.

“Change starts with all of us,” Sendzik said.

Marty Mako and Tim Empringham were members of the Stiletto Stallions team. They are back for the 11th time.

Mako said their team was not made up of a company but rather a group of guys “trying to make a difference”.

“We try to lead by example,” said Mako, who called the event a good tradition that helps the community.

Graeme Dargavel, director of development and communications, said Gabe DeSantis of DeSantis Homes won the most promised team with $25,000.

Christopher O’Connor was the most engaged individual with $6,188.

Zack Potter was the most engaged youngster.

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