Maria Kanellis reveals the name of the WWE official who sent her her trash bag


Maria Kanellis is that person who has always expressed her thoughts on the state of pro wrestling or women’s wrestling to be precise. She never had the chance to hold WWE’s highest gold medal or rather to prove her potential as a wrestler. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that she’s a hell of a mastermind to choose from when it comes to reinventing things.

Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike Bennett, spent time with WWE starting in 2017. They were cut as part of the massive COVID outings in 2020 when you least expected it. It was a time when the duo were actually becoming parents and so the release came as a huge shock to both of them.

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Mickie James was also released by WWE last year and after the event she tweeted a photo of a trash bag containing some of her belongings that the company returned to her. The photo went viral when the professional wrestling world shared their reaction. Eventually, WWE had to fire Mark Carrano, the person responsible for sending the bag.

Maria Kanellis wanted to return to WWE after Vince McMahon’s retirement

Maria Kanellis was released by WWE in 2010

After Mickie, Maria Kanellis also revealed that she received a trash bag of her stuff after her WWE release, but that happened in 2010. During an interview with James, she recently revealed who was responsible. to send it to him. Apparently, it was John Laurinaitis who was also fired by WWE due to the ongoing investigation into the secret money scandal.

“I got my first trash bag…under John Laurinaitis,” said Maria Kanellis, WWE’s former executive vice president of talent relations. “This has been going on for a while and they really should hire some outside HR people to come in and do some audits on what’s going on within the company. … Hire therapists if people need mental help. I just think that they need to take a look inside and start dealing with some of these real adult issues.(quotes courtesy Fight Inc.)

Maria Kanellis Reveals Name Of WWE Official Who Sent Her Trash Bag 2

Maria Kanellis started her WWE run in 2005 and continued it until her release in 2010. One of her most popular angles was with John Cena where the two superstars had to team up in tag team action mixed against Edge and Lita in 2006. Maria emerged as a prominent babyface in this story who also made WWE’s last superstar to grace the cover of Playboy magazine in 2008.

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