Lizzo literally took to giving someone clothes


Lizzo is probably one of the least problematic celebrities in the world today. She spread positivity and kindness and encourages others with her candor about her mental health issues. It’s pretty sure to be a super Lizzo fan and for Aurielle Marie, an Atlanta author, being a huge Lizzo fan has paid off in the most unexpected ways.

Mary posted a video on TikTok begging Lizzo to wear her dress to the 2022 Emmys. But it turned out the dress had been destroyed, according to Lizzo’s response, but her dress from the 2019 American Music Awards was intact. The dress was a beautiful muted fuchsia color with a fitted bodice and full tulle skirt with a thigh-high slit. Lizzo looked amazing in the dress, so obviously fans would love to get their hands on it.

One of the most exciting things about social media is that you get to interact with your favorite celebrities and luckily Lizzo saw Marie’s video. The to play the flute megastar responded like an absolute queen.

Oh you thought Queen Lizzo just sent that stranger a cute little thank you video? No. Lizzo responded in the most down-to-earth way possible to help this author. She sent him the dress. Yeah. I just shipped this gorgeous red carpet ready dress to her because Marie was super kind to ask. Well, it probably has something to do with Marie being selected as one of Out Magazine’s Out 100. The author explains in his video: “It’s basically like the Time 100 but for LGBTQIA homosexuality. Like me!”


In response to @badie_aukievah I love you @Aurielle Marie is having an amazing time! 💋 @yitty

The event is taking place in New York and Marie struggles to find something to wear that matches her body shape and is appropriate for a red carpet event. There was no video explaining how Lizzo brought the dress to Marie aside from an unsuspecting FedEx driver, but one would assume that someone as famous as Lizzo has people finding people.

Anyway, the dress arrived just in time according to Marie. Much to her delight, screaming and crying, the delivery man dropped off the dress just hours before the author’s flight was scheduled to depart for the event. The joy that emanated from Marie when she opened the box was contagious. After she finished running, crying tears of joy, she tried on the dress. Perfect fit.

The exchange crossed platforms when Lizzo posted the video of Marie trying on the dress on Twitter and captioned it with, “It’s easy to be nice, and my absolute pleasure.” She closed the post by telling Mary, “You look beautiful.”

I mean, obviously, she was beautiful. How could she not be the epitome of beauty in that dress?


In response to @noirediamonds, I may have had a few tears on your @lizzo dress, my bad girl! Words are not enough and thank you is not enough. But thanks! I am speechless. You all ! A female dog is certified LIZZO SIZED !!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS DRESS! @Out Magazine, I’m coming! #fyp #foryou #lizzo

Who would have thought that a random shot in the dark on TikTok would hook you up with Lizzo and end up borrowing her dress? The amount of scream-and-pinch moments that must have happened between the time the pop star responded and the night of the awards show must have seemed endless.

Looks like Marie had a blast receiving her award and thanks to Lizzo, she looked fabulous while doing it. Here’s a reminder that a little kindness can go a long way.

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