Lethbridge burglary suspect tries on shoes and attacks with pot

A 33-year-old Lethbridge woman is facing charges following an investigation into a burglary in which the landlord was attacked with a cooking pot.

Members of the Lethbridge Police Department were called to a house in the 600 block of S. 13th Street shortly before 4 a.m. on October 22 after a landlord confronted an intruder.

According to LPS officials, the 31-year-old owner discovered that the lights in her bedroom had been turned on. She investigated and screamed when she spotted a woman in the bedroom.

The intruder fled the bedroom but returned with a cooking pot and attacked the resident.

Officers found a woman wearing a pair of the owner’s shoes hiding in another room inside the house.

Both the intruder and the owner were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators believe the woman gained access to the house through a window.

Kelsey Megan Across The Mountain has been charged with:

  • intentional burglary;
  • Assault with a weapon;
  • assault causing bodily harm; and,
  • Flight.

Across The Mountain remains in custody ahead of his scheduled court appearance on Tuesday.

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