Laugh as woman’s yard covered in clothes after Dog Shreds package

A dog who emptied his owner’s delivery package in the garden left the internet at a standstill.

In a viral TikTok video posted by @ughasif101, the Staffordshire terrier can be seen with a bag from online fashion and cosmetics retailer ASOS in its mouth surrounded by clothes strewn across the grass.

More than 3 million people watched the video, with the overlay text reading: “[T]The delivery guy didn’t knock and left your packages outside but you have a dog.”

The hilarious video has been liked over 202,000 times but Lili, the original poster, was unimpressed.

An image of a dog surrounded by shredded paper. A video of a dog opening a woman’s package has gone viral.
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She tagged online fashion store ASOS in the video. you can watch it here.

According to the UK Postal Service and courier company Royal Mail, an average of 32 postal workers and women were attacked by dogs each week in 2021.

Luckily, in this UK-based video, the delivery man was unharmed, but Lili’s clothes were potentially damaged as they may have holes in them from the dog’s teeth or grass stains.

To avoid this, Royal Mail has suggested using wired letterboxes to ensure deliveries and postmen’s fingers remain intact.

They also suggested putting pet dogs in another room when signing a package. And never open the door when your dog is behind you.

In total, Royal Mail said 1,673 dog attacks were reported to its staff in 2021, with some resulting in permanent and disabling injuries.

It looks like Lili isn’t the only TikToker whose delivery driver didn’t leave their package in a safe space.

One user wrote, “This exact thing happened to me! Message customer service and explain what happened and add that you didn’t select a “safe location”, fingers crossed.

Lili replied: “What’s worse is I think they just threw the packages over the door and just left them in the garden, didn’t bother to come knock or what whether it be !!”

While Lili was thrilled with her package, other TikTokers were grateful for the entertaining video.

The top comment received more than 12,000 likes. He said, “I can’t with your dog running away with the package at the end.”

A TikToker hinted that the delivery driver “didn’t want to end up like the package.”

Another wrote: “Sorry the fact that he runs with one of them at the end kills me haha.”

“He was just doing an ASOS transport,” one user joked. “You know the dog was screaming MINE in his head lol,” another commented.

“I don’t mean to laugh but…the joy on his face as he does a runner,” another TikToker posted.

Newsweek has reached out to @ughasif101 for comment.

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