Lakeland’s Potato Bag is our new kitchen staple

The Lakeland Potato Bag is a smart and affordable way to keep your potatoes fresh longer. (Lacland)

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With costs spiraling out of control, everyone is doing their best to find every little way to save money.

So we’ve come up with a clever solution that will help your finances a bit – this bag of Lakeland Potatoes, £7.49.

Why? It will help you save money by reducing food waste. Because, let’s face it, if you’re on a budget, potatoes are a staple.

And, according to many happy shoppers, this simple yet effective storage solution for your potatoes keeps your potatoes fresh much longer.

No more throwing away bags of unused potatoes because they’ve gone green, wrinkled, or sprouted badly. Plus, it makes your kitchen much neater.

No wonder this has developed cult status among Lakeland shoppers and continues to sell…

Why we review it:

You should store potatoes in a cool, dark and dry place. That’s why this stylish linen-look trolley bag is so perfect and essential for your kitchen.

It’s made from a breathable material to allow air to circulate, and it also has a lining that blocks out any light. And it closes securely via a button at the top.

With a flat base and gusseted sides, you can also easily place it on a shelf or in a closet/pantry.

The flap at the bottom means easy access and you'll also use the oldest spuds first.  (Lacland)

The flap at the bottom means easy access and you’ll also use the oldest spuds first. (Lacland)

The wheelie bag has a button closure to keep your spuds dry and secure.  (Lacland)

The wheelie bag has a button closure to keep your spuds dry and secure. (Lacland)

£7.49 at Lakeland

£7.49 on Amazon

The bottom opening means the oldest potatoes come out first – another handy way to ensure you don’t have to throw away piles of potatoes.

The practical Lakeland potato bag has a capacity of 10 liters and measures 23 x 12 x 42 cm H. It is also machine washable at 30°C and even comes with a three-year Lakeland guarantee.

What the reviews say:

With a majority of five-star reviews, many happy customers rate the Lakeland Potato Bag for its potato-saving properties, convenience, quality – and even its stylish appearance.

  • “This bag is perfect for prolonging the shelf life of potatoes. It is well made and sturdy. Very easy to fill from the top and the flip top means older potatoes are used first.”

  • “Great bag to keep our tattoos! Nice and dark, good air circulation keeps potatoes fresh for ages.”

  • “Very handy bag that helps keep potatoes looking their best and helps manage using the oldest ones first. The bag is sturdy and attractive.”

  • “Excellent. My potatoes are definitely fresher and last longer. I love the closure of the spout. It’s so stylish and will look great in any kitchen.”

  • “It’s great to look at, but most importantly it works great keeping potatoes fresh longer and using the oldest first-of-the-kind product.”

Get It Before It’s Gone: Lakeland Potato Bag with Tie Button Closure | £7.49 from Lakeland

£7.49 at Lakeland

£7.49 on Amazon

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