Kerala woman’s body found wrapped in plastic bag


The deceased body of a woman was discovered inside her rented house at Kadavanthara in Kochi, wrapped in a plastic carry bag and covered in slime from the neck, in a clear case of murder. The corpse, which was discovered on Monday after the owner of the house reported a terrible stench coming from the building, has been there for more than four days.

Lakshmi, a 30-year-old Maharashtra resident, is the deceased. The police have yet to confirm the residence of the deceased, however, as they have not provided the owner of the house with any documentation of the address. The spouse of the deceased, Ram Bahadur, who was living with her at the time of the tragedy, has disappeared.

Faisal MS, SHO South Police Station in Kochi, said it was the Ward Councilor who alerted us to the unpleasant smell coming from a rental house. Arrived at the house, we found the deceased inside a closed room from the outside, wrapped in a plastic blanket and a blanket. The individual who introduced her as her husband is our prime suspect in this clearly murderous case.

According to authorities, the duo worked in a rented residence to fix the hair. They have lived here for a year and a half. The owner of the house was introduced to them as people of Maharashtra. The officer said they did not know their particular contact details as they did not show identification. To find out more, we need to conduct a survey.

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