Keke Palmer may have just secured her biggest bag yet


The child from the “booked, busy and bi” poster decided it was his turn to start making the reservation. With a team of black creatives already assembled, Keke Palmer takes her place at the top of the ladder.

The star has paid her dues multiple times; she made her big breakthrough at just 13 years old in Akeelah and the beecarried that momentum with the beloved DCOM Get started!and has been rocking ever since.

After all that hard work, fans are thrilled to see her unveil her most ambitious project yet: a large-scale digital television network.

Welcome to Key TV:

She introduces herself as Lauren Palmer and refers to “Keke” Palmer as “the brand I started 20 years ago”, before embarking on the things she learned in her days of Keke.

“Most importantly, I learned to be a collaborator and I want to share everything I learned with you,” she says. “It only takes one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other.”

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The 29-year-old actress-turned-musician, director and now network executive has had a busy year already. His turn in Jordan Peele NOPE generates Oscar buzz and his voice works in Disney projects Light year and the proud family restarting will no doubt make some nice residue.

In a weirder job, she filled the spot that Megan Thee Stallion recently left on the Legendary jury for its third season. She arrived with great enthusiasm, insightful reviews of years of performance, and the nerve to go along with the Simon Cowell of the ballroom, Law Roach.

Who could forget this legendary exchange (pun intended)? :

Palmer was even recently recognized by TIME as one of the greatest rising stars. Many have noted that it’s a crazy thing to call someone who’s been making waves for the better part of two decades, but it’s still a cute profile.

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With all her contributions to culture, people are very proud to see her assume this new title.

The “good for her” feeling is anything but overwhelming:

Check out his short, sweet introduction to KeyTV here:

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