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If you are a short person, shopping for clothes in general can be tricky. You can keep a tailor on duty to cuff your pants or even splash around every now and then in the kids’ section for shoes or shirts. But once a petite person gets pregnant, shopping can become even more frustrating. Suddenly you need more room in the abdomen, but you still need short pants and sleeves. It can be an infuriating experience trying to get these two measures to meet in the middle, so to speak. So where can you buy small size maternity clothes?

On the Internet! Online there are a few retailers who haven’t forgotten about the smaller ones. These places understand that individuals of all sizes have babies and have welcomed them with a variety of sizes. For smaller people, traditional maternity clothes can end up looking way too bulky as the fabric folds over their small frames. These brands have adjusted their cuts to fit petite bodies, offering everything from dresses to jeans, from underwear to blouses.

No one wants to spend their pregnancy feeling uncomfortable. The good news is that where to shop for petite maternity clothes has become a lot easier to find. And you can fill your basket with little maternity clothes starting with this list of thoughtful brands.

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Find little dresses at Chicwish

Chicwish is an online retailer that sells all kinds of clothing, but for petite women, take a look at the petite dresses section. All of these dresses are designed for small bodies, and when you are in your first trimesters, it can work just fine. Pull down Chicwich mini knit button. With stretch in the knit, this little dress can grow with you while being cut for a smaller frame. A pom-pom dress with puff sleeves works the same way. Chic enough to work, its design has given rise to growth.


Shop affordable, kid-friendly maternity jeans at H&M

Jeans are a whole different story. When it comes to wearing jeans during pregnancy, you will definitely want a maternity pair with a belly band. For this, call on H&M. The Swedish brand has a sturdy maternity section that offers skinny jeans, straight jeans and even jeggings (a mix between jeans and leggings). For sizes 0-4, the inside leg is 30 ½. So you can wear them straight or roll them up. Cute and affordable, you can wear them during your pregnancy and not feel bad to take them out of your closet afterwards.


Check the Loft for small business pants

Leggings can be perfect for a grocery run or a day of cleaning the house, but if you have to show up for work every day, you might need something a little more professional. This is where The Loft comes in. The Petite White Denim Maternity Pants look fresh and clean, but are also suitable for work. At the Loft you can also find tasteful blouses, including loose clothing that you can wear for a day at work.


Old Navy a Petite Maternity Basics

One thing that a lot of people don’t tell you when you get pregnant is that you’re going to have to update even your basic drawer to accommodate a growing bump. This means more stretchy undershirts, hoodies, bras and pajamas. Old Navy has a section dedicated to little maternity basics that you can buy just for these items. Training leggings with side pocket panel? Yes, they make them in a small size, plus a three-pack of camisoles and more. Shop for Old Navy little basics for all your everyday clothing needs.


Spanx Maternity Sheers For Toddlers

While we don’t advocate hugging your body in tights often during your pregnancy, there are times that may require a pair of sheer curtains. When such a date arises, Spanx has you covered. Available in black and nude, these maternity sheers come in four sizes so you can get the right fight for your leg length and bump size. Made with soft threads, you won’t get itchy all night either. And the squeezing effect might actually make your bump more supported.


Little pregnancy party dresses can be found on pink blush

Special occasions, such as a wedding or family reunion, can stress a pregnant woman. It’s time to find a dress! But where to look? Pink Blush makes it a bit easier by offering a landing page full of Maternity dresses suitable for little girls. Many designed with an empire waist, the indulgent design gives way to a bump while still looking dressy. The gathers also give a nice shape to more body-hugging designs. Not to mention the pretty maxi dresses that won’t drag on the floor.


Find sleepwear for little pregnant people at Pea in a Pod

Sometimes you have to see a specialist to find great maternity clothes. That’s why people love Pea in a Pod. The store is dedicated to maternity clothes, so naturally he thinks of pregnant women. It’s a great place to find all kinds of things, from pants to tops, but also to consider what will be comfortable to wear to sleep – something you’ll want to do a lot. From camisoles to shorts to babydolls, the site offers all kinds of sleepwear designed for hardworking moms.


Find Petite maternity clothes on Seraphine

Winter is coming and for pregnant women it may seem good. Finally, you can cool off! But there’s the fact that you’ll need a coat and finding that it will fit your growing belly could be a problem. This is why Seraphine is such a great option. The maternity brand offers well-made options that go beyond basic leggings and t-shirts. Consider this super comfortable coat. Not only does it fit over a bump, but it doubles as a comforter that will also cover your baby once they’re born.


Score small maternity leggings at Ingrid & Isabel

Sometimes short people need to get a little creative when it comes to shopping. And here is a pro tip to achieve it. Shop Ingrid and Isabel’s capri pregnancy leggings, then wear them like long leggings. Talk about a clothing hack, right? These active capri pants feature a specially designed cross panel that fits comfortably over a bump, but gives you the flexibility to move around. They can be machine washed cold and then tumble dried.


Get a little adjustable dungarees from Madewell

Coveralls are a recipe for cuffed ankles when it comes to small bodies. But not when you buy Madewell. They offer Hatch Maternity Jumpsuits which are perfect for petite ladies as they feature an ankle cuff so they won’t drag on the floor. Plus, you can adjust the straps to make them shorter for a smaller torso. Made from 100% cotton, this jumpsuit is super comfy and can be thrown away for a busy mom-to-be on the go.


Shop the Hatch collection for button-down shirts suitable for little ones

A button down is a great maternity shirt because you can undo a button as your tummy grows. If you want a button that’s not too long, visit Hatch Collection. The brand relies on beautiful tailored maternity clothes. That button down is just that. Crazy with lots of fabric in the front to let a bump grow out, it’s not that long that you’ll feel like you have a mountain of fabric tucked into your lap belt.

Feel your best while wearing the best fit throughout your pregnancy with these petite-friendly brands.

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