Indian grapplers win 22 Asian U-20 wrestling medals in Bahrain

MUMBAI: India’s U-20 wrestling team put in a superb performance to win 22 medals, including four gold, at the Asian U-20 Wrestling Championships in Manama, Bahrain.

Apart from the four gold medals, India won nine silver and nine bronze in the event which ended on Sunday night.

Among the 22 medals, the women’s team won 10 medals including three gold thanks to Priyanka (65kg), Arju (68kg) and Antrim (53kg). Male freestyle wrestler Sujeet won the fourth gold medal for India in the 65kg category.

India finished second in the team standings in women’s wrestling, second in men’s freestyle wrestling and fifth in the team standings in men’s Greco-Roman competition, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) tweeted on Monday.

Among the medalists, wrestlers Sweety (53kg), Reena (65kg), Bipasha (72kg), Priya (76kg) won silver medals while Mulayam Yadav (70kg), Ashish (97kg), Mohit Kumar (61kg) , Jaideep (74kg) and Mahendra B Gaikwad (125kg) are the male wrestlers to win silver medals.

Three women — Sito (57kg), Tanu (59kg) and Sarika (62kg) — and four male wrestlers — Aman (57kg), Deepak (67kg), Jointy Kumar (86kg), Akash (92kg) in addition to two men Greco-Roman wrestlers – Rohit Dahiya (82 kg) and Ankit Gulia (67 kg) – won bronze medals in the event.

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