India A and India B teams win bronze medals in Women’s and Open category

The 44e Chess Olympiad held in Mammalapuram, Chennai from 28e from July 10 to 10e August was a historic Olympiad in more ways than one. Held for the first time in India in the “Chess Capital of India”, the Chess Olympiad was an emblem of class and grandeur. It was the first time the Olympiad was held offline after the Covid era. India A in the women’s section and India B in the men’s section played very well to win the bronze medal in their respective team categories.

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After 11 hard-fought rounds and 12 days, India B won the bronze medal in the Open section. With an average age of just 19, India B punched above their weight and dominated throughout the tournament. The star player of this team, D. Gukesh, blew fire throughout the tournament. He won 8 out of 8 matches in the first 8 rounds and snatched the gold medal for his individual performance in Table 1. Nihal Sarin also won a gold medal for his individual performance in Table 2.

India B finished 3rd after Uzbekistan and Armenia won the 1st and 2n/a positions respectively. Joy was all around the table as both countries emerged victorious after fabulous performances.

India A shine in the women’s category

If we take a look at the women’s section, then India A would be a bit disappointed as they couldn’t get the gold medal. They lost 1-3 to USA in the final round and that was the deciding factor.

However, Tania Sachdev and Vaishali Rameshbabu won individual medals for their prodigious performances. Divya Deshmukh, who was a reserve from India 2, also played very well and won an individual award.

The closing ceremony of the extravagant 44e The Chess Olympiad was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai. Without a doubt, it was a mix of class, glitz, glamor and grandeur.

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