Increase in the sale of second-hand warm clothes despite high prices

MULTAN, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – October 23, 2022): With the advent of the winter season, hordes of people have started visiting the city’s Lunda bazaars to buy heaps of used wool with complaints of high prices .

Vendors and merchants attend a hike in the sale of used clothes compared to the previous year. All types of winter clothing and accessories, including gloves, woolen caps, mufflers, sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets, were displayed in front of stalls, shops and weekly bazaars for attract customers.

Stalls of used winter clothes and shoes could be seen at Clock Tower Chowk, Madni Chowk, Chowk Qadafi, Fountain Chowk, Hussainagahi Bazaar, Gardesi Market and many other places in the city.

Talk to APP on Sundaya client Shaheena Bibi complained that she used to to buy hot rags every year of Lunda bazaars for her kids but second-hand clothes had also become expensive this year.

She accused traders of deliberately raising tariffs, as well-to-do families who come to Lunda bazaars tend to pay anything. the price ask traders. “These wealthy customers have made second-hand items beyond the reach of ordinary people.” Another customer, Muhammad Ramzan, said dealers used to mix old stock with new stock and charge high prices. prices of everything elements. The high prices of the current stock of used warm clothes made it out of reach of poor segments of society.

A second-hand clothes dealer, Shahzain, said he bought the clothes at exorbitant prices of wholesalers from other towns, and sold accordingly to make a profit keeping transportation costs in mind, lease of shops and stalls.

He said prices weren’t so high that dealers were aware of customers’ financial situations.

Another used clothing dealer in Gaddafi Chowk, Cheikh Atta, said the Company was going very well because the winter season was just beginning and the demand for warm clothes was constantly increasing. “I think the sale would be doubled in the next few days and we expect even more revenue in the next few days. People love new arrivals of used clothing and usually demand more variety. “Customers had become more selective in buying used clothing. They selected only quality items and wanted to buy at ridiculously low prices, said Murtaza, owner of a stall at Lunda’s main bazaar.

Mubeen Elahi, client of same bazaar, said: “These bazaars offering cheap and cheap clothes because the prices of new winter clothes are beyond the reach of the common man. We rush to these thrift stalls where we get decent quality clothes at affordable prices,” he said.

It was observed that traders in Lunda bazaars charge Rs. 500-700 for a second-hand shirt, Rs. 1,500-2,000 for a leather jacket, Rs. a pair of socks, Rs 500 to 1,200 for pants, while shoes were priced at Rs 900 to 2,500.

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