I’m plus size and trolled for wearing “too tight” clothes – but I refuse to quit because of the trolls

A PLUS-SIZE woman on social media has become the target of body criticism.

Wearing a size 2X, beauty and style content creator Sydney doesn’t let troll comments shake her love for fashion


A Plus-Size Woman Who Received Negative Comments About Her Body Chose To ApplaudCredit: TikTok/sydneyslayyyz
She doesn't let the trolls get to her


She doesn’t let the trolls get to herCredit: TikTok/sydneyslayyyz

In response to the following TikTok comment, plus-size fashionista Sydney felt prompted to make a video“I’m sorry, they’re all too tight. They accentuate your flap.”

Sydney decided to show that she was not ashamed of her body and said “flap”.

“Style my flap,” she said in her video. “That’s what she’s referring to,” she pointed to the area of ​​her belly.

Sydney tried on a series of figure-hugging outfits to show she wasn’t bothered by the critic’s comment.

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“I love this outfit,” she said, modeling an animal print mesh shirt paired with a silk midi skirt that featured a slit.

“Another really cute skirt is this one,” Sydney said, as she showed off a long animal print skirt worn with a black halter top.

“And why do plus size women have to hide their figure? I’m confused. I’m a little confused.

“This is what I look like, so this is what we do. This is what we serve. You don’t like it, go away,” she said confidently.

Sydney concluded the video with a sarcastic laugh: “Have a great day.”

People flooded the comments section of his support video.

“Yesssss! The flap gives GLAMOUR,” wrote one.

“The leopard skirt is something else on you,” added a second.

“That’s confidence for me!! You look AMAZING,” said a third.

“It makes me happy to see you ignoring [the] to hate.”

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“Period, you don’t like us leaving. You girls are awesome. »

“Love the black leopard sheer top! You look gorgeous,” one final person said.

Sydney modeled a long animal print skirt paired with a black halter top


Sydney modeled a long animal print skirt paired with a black halter topCredit: TikTok/sydneyslayyyz

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