I’m a style coach – it’s the summer clothes that instantly make you look cheap

ELEGANCE COACH and fashion expert Anna Bey unveiled the summer clothes that instantly make you look cheap.

Anna Bey uploaded a video sharing the best clothes stylish women never wear in summer because they look cheap.


Anna Bey, fashion expert and elegance coach reveals the clothes to avoid this summerCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

In an excerpt which has racked up over a million views, anna revealed which clothes to avoid if you want to look expensive.

Mom denim shorts

Although they come back every few years, Anna recommends avoiding them if you want to look stylish.

High waisted denim blue shorts are not considered stylish because they look too casual.

She revealed that jeans often degrade a look and because of the high waist, they often look like “a big diaper”.

She said: “From the profile, the women look pregnant and everything looks stuffy in that area, which is why it’s rarely a very flattering look – and not a very stylish one to wear.”

String Bikini Bottom

Wearing a thong-style bikini bottom that can be pulled up high reminds Anna of Borat’s famous mankini.

“Women like to pull it up, almost to their ears,” adding, “This one, in particular, really gross me out.”

She said the style is for people who want to show off their crotch, and Anna doesn’t find it stylish at all.

If you want to look stylish, go for something that actually covers you, says Anna.

Rubber flip flops

Anna admits she used to wear them back then and learned the hard way that they can only be worn at the beach or by the pool.

The expert warned that wearing them around town will make you look average.

Instead, wear a leather sandal around town as they look more stylish than rubber.

She also said to avoid wedge-heeled flip flops and Birkenstocks, as they are not considered attractive to straight men.


Longer legs in playsuits look great on the Elegance Coach, but those with shorts can make you look cheap, Anna says.

“They’re not flattering and the material is often cheap cotton,” she adds.

Anna also said that they are often too revealing and never come off as stylish because they look cheap and are not feminine.

Small floral prints

Anna said that no matter the fabric, a small floral print always looks cheap.

“The problem is, it’s incredibly common and I see so many women making this mistake,” she adds.

The fashion expert said that the print instantly debases your appearance and it’s best to stick with larger floral prints for an elegant look.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts might be in the full range right now, but Anna said they just look cheap.

“They’re not sexy for men, and they’re not sexy for women either,” the elegance trainer said – unless you prefer camel toe.

She claimed that cycling shorts are the summer version of leggings, which she also recommends skipping if you want to look expensive.

Racerback Vests

Anna revealed that these vest styles are too casual to elevate your look.

“If you want to dress feminine, you have to emphasize your shape,” which a racerback tank top fails to do.

If you’re going to wear one, Anna said to make sure you can’t see your bra straps.

Cheap tunics

She said most of the women guilty of wearing this piece are middle-aged or taller and it doesn’t matter to them, especially if it’s in a cheap polyester material.

“It makes you look bigger than you are,” Anna adds.

If you’re plus size, don’t cover up, show off your curves to look slimmer, suggests Anna.


Wearing a t-shirt doesn’t make you look tacky, says Anna, but it will make you look casual.

Instead, opt for a more form-fitting short-sleeved top than a t-shirt.

Mom's denim shorts often look like a diaper, Anna said


Mom’s denim shorts often look like a diaper, Anna saidCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey
Jumpsuits always look tacky and reveal too much skin


Jumpsuits always look tacky and reveal too much skinCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey
Cycling shorts may be all the rage, but Anna revealed they're the summer version of leggings


Cycling shorts may be all the rage, but Anna revealed they’re the summer version of leggingsCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

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