I was obsessed with Primark’s silver bum bag – but now the outside is rubbing I’ve noticed something VERY weird

AFTER stocking up on sunscreen and travel beauty products, the next thing on our pre-holiday to-do list is to pop into Primark to see what cute accessories we can pick up.

And as a fan of fashion, TikTok user Lyanne had the exact same thought process when she bought a trendy silver fanny pack from the brand ahead of her vacation abroad.


Lyanne bought Primark’s fanny pack for her holiday abroadCredit: TikTok/@itslyanne.x
Three days later, she noticed something strange about the bag


Three days later, she noticed something strange about the bagCredit: TikTok/@itslyanne.x

But after wearing it for three days in a row, the fashion fan was left puzzled by a rather bizarre design flaw.

Earlier this week, the Irish fashion blogger posted a TikTok video to show her followers the unexpected artwork that appeared as the silver finish faded.

Sharing photos of herself sporting the accessory, Lyanne wrote, “Been wearing this silver bum bag for three days on vacation!

“He’s from Primark but look what happened to him…”

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Although the bag was a vibrant silver hue when Lyanne bought it, the style blogger noticed that it was quickly starting to lose its shine.

As the exterior began to fade above the zipper, the social media star began to make out the silhouette of a Disney character…yes, you read that right.

Zooming in on the cartoon’s head, she added, “Donald Duck appears… someone please explain to me!”

Lyanne then claimed in the caption: “Clearly a Disney bag [that’s] been sprinkled.”

Offering a possible explanation, one viewer wrote, “Probably recycled materials but so random!

Another added: ‘Instead of losing it it was repurposed and given a new life!

“Reuse is fine and all,” replied a third. “But you kind of want what you bought to last longer than three days.”

Fabulous approached Primark for a comment.

Silver shard has worn off and exposed Donald Duck artwork


Silver shard has worn off and exposed Donald Duck artworkCredit: TikTok/@itslyanne.x

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