I bought $2,000 worth of used clothes from Kylie Jenner – one set looks like it’s from Shein and I look like a lizard

A WOMAN who spent $2,000 on clothes worn by Kylie Jenner says she felt like a one-piece lizard that cost her nearly $500 alone.

Online influencer Blair Walnuts called a two-piece set a “lizard suit” after trying it on in a ICT Tac video.


Online influencer Blair Walnuts has shared her take on a clothing collection previously owned by Kylie Jenner1 credit
Walnuts called a two-piece set a 'lizard suit' while trying out transportation for his TikTok followers


Walnuts called a two-piece set a ‘lizard suit’ while trying out transportation for his TikTok followers1 credit

Miscellaneous sharing fashionrelated videos, Blair has a huge impact on the application with 1.5 million followers.

She recently shared her experience of buying $2,000 from that of Kylie Jenner used clothes from KardashianKloset.com.

In his videoshe compared the material of one of the outfits, which she said cost $495, to the material of the clothes from a popular online site Chinese fast fashion retailer.

“The material looks like shein“said Blair holding the coins in her hand.

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She begins the video, which has been viewed almost 514,000 times, by stating that she spent $2,000 on Kylie’s “old, stinky, worn out clothes.”

Blair showed off the box of used clothes she had purchased, revealing how the items were packaged.

“She sent me everything that looked like shit in that box,” the influencer said.

In another TikTok video, she said she looked like a character from Shrek in the red dress she had.

Continuing to show off some of the items Blair had already tried on, she said she received a $1,000 pair of pink Bottega Veneta shoes, the red Saks Potts dress and the two-piece set.

Blair said the two-piece was made by the Charlotte Knowles brand, adding, “A lot of her outfits are over $1,000.”

“Sometimes just the [Charlotte Knowles] the pants are $1,000.”

The fashion influencer said Charlotte Knowles was famous for her “futuristic ensembles” and “alien things”.

“The color kinda looks like my vomit after a night of partying – an oil spill,” Blair said in the video.

After putting the bottom on, she slipped into a black bralette, saying, “I think it’s going to be pretty see-through.”

Once she got the full cut, she described it as a “pure body type situation.”

Blair went on to say that she felt like a “giant condom” in the outfit, “because I’m all covered.”

On the positive side, she said she felt good on set, “I’m not going to lie, it’s quite comfortable, I feel like I could be a pop star.

“But I still feel like it’s pretty sexy.

“Just because it’s tight and a bit transparent.”

Blair said the texture of the two-piece against her skin gave her “a lot of sensory sensations.”

“It’s not itchy,” she said.

“You can definitely feel like you’re in some sort of stretch suit.”

“I really like this lizard costume,” Blair said as she struck a pose to end her video.

“Who else should I try the closet now?” she asked.

Loving Kylie’s entire closet, one TikToker commented, “You’re so beautiful as a lizard!”

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Someone else added, “Hailey Bieber’s closet would be a cool next video.”

Blair responded by asking if Hailey was selling any of her worn items in hopes of making another intriguing video for her followers.


“I really like this lizard costume,” Blair said as she posed1 credit

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