How to pack when traveling?


Airlines around the world have imposed restrictions on baggage weight. Therefore, in this case, it becomes essential for people to carry only their necessary items while traveling. However, a recent video showing women packing clothes in unique ways left users stunned. The video of his outstanding hack has been shared with users on social media.

In a clip posted to Twitter, the women can be seen folding clothes to store them in a small space. This 35 second video shows how to store more clothes in less space. The video went viral on social media in no time and many social media users shared their comments in the comment section.

The video shows a woman packing clothes in a unique way. She folds the clothes one forward and the other backward. While she places the collar of one fabric on another. In this way, the woman creates space for 10 garments at once and then assembles them into a bag effortlessly.

The link to the video is here

The clip was shared by Tansu YEĞEN and he captioned it, “How to pack your bag.” So far, more than 30 lakh people have seen the video, which was posted on Twitter. Users are constantly commenting on this video and sharing their opinions about it. While some users loved the hack, others didn’t become fans of it. One social media user commented, “Looks good but not useful. Just to pull out a rag, you’ll end up unfolding everything. #Not practical”. While another user commented, “How do you unzip then? Seems like a ton of work just to get even socks lol”. One user also wrote: “Nice idea, appreciable”.

This isn’t the first time a video like this has gone viral on social media. Time and again many users are sharing their unique tricks and hacks with their audience and they are starting to follow the trends on social media which is a powerful tool and always invites people to share their idea with the masses.

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