How to look younger: Ditch the popular “fashion disaster” shoes that age you


How you wear your wardrobe can add or take away years, depending on how you do it. Personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about the style women should ditch for good in order to look younger instantly.

Picking the right shoes is crucial when trying to look a little younger, as there’s a fine line between young and silly.

Melissa said: “Somehow tottering like Bambi is good when you’re young.

“When you are, as the French say, ‘a woman of a certain age’, that’s quite another thing. And besides, ‘a woman of a certain age’ is a good thing!”

However, while it’s important to avoid those over-the-top shoes you can barely walk in, make sure you don’t go the other way around.

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Melissa continued, “Lumpy black shoes worn with everything are another fashion disaster.”

Instead, opt for different styles and colors that complement your outfits and make them stand out.

Melissa admitted, however, that she would personally be wary of sneakers, which are incredibly comfortable but not very “stylish”.

The same goes for midi dresses, which the expert says can be a fashion fail. Opt for mini or maxi dresses instead.


Comfort is key in many circumstances, but cozy fashion doesn’t make you look younger, according to the expert.

Melissa told that “loose, shapeless clothes don’t do anyone any favours.”

If you have loose clothing, such as baggy pants or a jacket, be sure to pair it with something more fitted.

Next, Melissa warned mature women to avoid a particular and very practical accessory – the black bag with a long shoulder strap.

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She explained, “A long shoulder strap, black bag worn with everything is a surefire way to be a style-free zone.”

The bag doesn’t have to be multi-colored, because dainty little black bags can be super chic and trendy.

However, it’s also a good idea to occasionally experiment with color when accessorizing, as it can break up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Speaking of the color black, Melissa Lund made an important distinction: “Many articles have been written by fashion editors about how black is unflattering.

“Fashion editors do not have the same training as image coaches, it must be remembered.

“You can look absolutely stunning in black at any age, if that’s your color. However, if it’s not your color, it will be hard to wear, no matter what your age.”

As with the other colors, it is possible that all of these look “great” to you provided you find the right shade after a color analysis session.

“However, with black, there is no version: everything about summer black, etc., is just hot air.

“Black is – and should be – the blackest of blacks; everything else isn’t truly black and will often look cheap.”

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