How to find clothes that aren’t too young or too old for your daughter

Dressing a teenage girl will never be easy. Gone are the days when a mother’s daughter was young and willingly wore whatever her mother chose. Mom could dress them however they wanted, and it was almost like having a real doll to play with.

Now that this toddler and preschooler have turned into tweens, they have their own opinion on what they want to wear. They begin to find their own sense of fashion and identity. They discover who they are and want to express themselves through the clothes they choose to wear.

However, at this age, mom still plays an important role in deciding what clothes her teenager can wear. This is where it can get tricky, as mom may notice that the clothes on the market are either for little girls or older teens.. The tween style market isn’t as big and it can be tough.

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Mom has to find a balance between a t-shirt with something Disney or Peppa Pig over it, and a cropped top with the belly showing, which is easier said than done. We have some tips that might help mom and daughter build their new closet.

talk to them

While you can always have the final say when it comes to what type of clothes your tween can wear, that doesn’t mean they can’t have an opinion on what they like. They are their own person, and it can be beneficial to ask their opinion. According Your teen magazinesit down and talk to your tween about the type of clothes he likes and how he wants to be perceived by others. Although we know it’s never okay to judge someone on their looks, clothes play a huge role in someone’s first impression. Once you know how your child wants to be seen, it can help narrow down the selection.

Be unconventional

A lot of dressing up a tween can involve getting a little creative. You may have to think outside the box to put together some outfits, but it is possible. According The LA Timessome moms go to the women’s department to buy clothes for their pre-teen. They buy the smaller sizes and then they have them modified to fit. If mom knows how to sew, she can hem and tuck in where she needs it. The alternative is to take them to a seamstress and bring them in. It’s a great way to make adult clothing work for your tween, and the adult sections have more choices and clothing for all “genders”.

Shop everywhere

According Orlando Moms Collective, part of the problem could be mainstream shopping. Moms may only know a few stores, and they stick to them. They are frustrated with the lack of things there, but they don’t think of shopping elsewhere. The media tells us what’s popular, but that’s not always the best option. If your tween wants unique, age-appropriate clothes, she can try thrift stores or even online shopping. Look at stores you’ve never heard of before, because you might find some great hidden gems.

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