How to Choose the Best Posture Improvement Shoes for Work

It’s a whole new year and as some people are returning to work, Dr Liza joined us this morning with his advice on how to choose the best posture improving shoes for men and women.

Dr Liza says most people need a shoe rack rather than bare feet when they’re at home. This is because most of the things people stand on at home are hardwood or vinyl on concrete, which is not good for shock absorption. She says supporting the foot can prevent long-term foot, knee and lower back pain. Dr. Liza has a line of slippers to help with good support.

“[During the pandemic] I was spending so much time at home and noticed that my knees started to ignite and my feet started to ignite and it’s because I was not in my heels ”, Dr Liza said.


She says her slippers have really good insoles that make it look like you’re wearing running shoes instead of slippers. They are great for lounging around the house, especially when working from home.


Dr. Liza also has a line of socks. She says socks are important for support because they stimulate circulation if you sit too much. Sitting for long periods of time can cause blood to pool in the feet and cause swelling. This can lead to pain in the feet.

Socks that have compression and support will keep feet stimulated and give you more energy.

Dr. Liza Shoes

Dr. Liza also has a line of shoes. She designed a sneaker that doesn’t look like a sneaker, perfect for wearing in the office.

She says all of her shoe products are made with the highest quality leather from Brazil and high quality EVA.

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