How to choose shoes to match your outfit

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Finding shoes to match your outfit can be quite tricky. This is because there are so many different elements and factors to consider. Well, the process doesn’t have to be as confusing as it has been in the past. Follow these guidelines to make the right decision every time:

Shop with a purpose

If you find that your shoe collection is lacking or you’ve ever struggled to find the right pair for an outfit, you need to expand your collection. However, the next time you visit a shoe store, don’t do it aimlessly.

Instead, consider the clothes in your wardrobe. What are the most common colors, patterns or style themes. Make your footwear decisions based on these factors. This will make your life much easier the next time you need to compose a set.

Start with formality and event

There are so many different types and styles of women’s shoes to choose from and that’s where the confusion can come from. The easiest way to determine which style will work is to consider the event you are attending and the level of formality required.

If it’s a work function or something professional, then heels or a pair of sleek flats or pumps will work. If it’s black tie, heels are almost exclusively the way to go. For a casual affair, there are a few more options to choose from – boots, sneakers, flats, and more.

Consider the level of comfort

Unfortunately, when it comes to most professional functions, comfort is not part of the equation. Of course, you can choose a thicker, shorter heel rather than something more delicate.

For casual or semi-casual occasions, however, you might want to consider comfort. If you anticipate having to do a lot of walking, transportation, etc. Look for a pair of well-cushioned shoes. Remember that a pair of stylish sneakers and tennis shoes can easily work with a chic outfit, so this is something to think about.

When in doubt, apartments are a pretty versatile option. If you’re looking to give your outfit some class, opt for a sleek pair of ballet flats – look for one in black or nude if you want to keep things simple. Otherwise, look for one with a bit of embellishment or even beads.

Choosing Colors – Complement or Stand Out

When it comes to choosing the color of your shoes, you must first decide whether you want them to stand out or blend in with the rest of your outfit.

If it’s about mixing, you have two options: look for a color identical to the primary colors of your outfit. So, if you’re wearing a blue dress, look for blue shoes that are the same shade or a bit darker. Or go for something neutral like black, white or nude. Brown can also work.

If you want your shoes to stand out, then the sky is the limit. Just make sure the color doesn’t clash with your outfit.

These are the best tips you need to follow to make sure your shoes match your outfit perfectly. After a while, these guidelines will become second nature to you.

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