How a student filmed 60 hostel women bathing and changing

Massive protests erupted at Chandigarh University in Mohali on Saturday night after alleged “reprehensible videos” of 60 female students went viral. The student who was involved in sharing the videos online was apprehended.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann ordered a high level investigation into the matter and also ensured strict action against the accused. Arvind Kejriwal, head of the AAP and CM from Delhi, also urged the students to keep the peace, calling the incident “serious and shameful”.

While some reports indicated that several videos of other female students using the university hostel restrooms had been filmed and leaked, police officials later said there was only one only video of the defendant herself, adding that she had not recorded any other video of anyone else.

According to reports, the student who shot the alleged video is from Mohali, and she sent the video to a friend living in Shimla. The police registered an FIR in this case and the accused was arrested. Cops also denied reports of any suicide attempts by any of the university students.

According to sources cited by Zee News, the accused college hostel student used to make videos of girls living in the hostel every day. She used to make these videos when others were changing clothes or taking a bath.

She used to send these videos to her friend in Shimla which caused the footage to leak online. The girls had been noticing her for a few days, but on Saturday they caught her in the act.

After that, the officials of the institute were notified, and the girl was interrogated on the spot. The girl admitted that she used to send videos to her friend. She said she used to do this only at her friend’s request.

According to sources, when the students learned that their videos had gone viral on social media, their senses were blown away. Meanwhile, a female student suffered a heart attack after watching the video. She, along with other girls who complained of being unwell, were rushed to nearby hospitals.

“This is a video shot by a student and broadcast. The FIR has been registered in the case and the accused is arrested. No deaths have been reported related to this incident. According to medical records, no suicide attempts or deaths occurred. A student who was taken to an ambulance was suffering from anxiety and our team is in contact with her,” Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mohali Vivek Soni said.

“Forensic evidence is being collected. So far in our investigation we have found that there is only one video of the accused herself. She did not record any other videos of anyone else. Electronic devices and cell phones have been taken into custody and will be sent for forensic examination. Apart from the video of a student, no other video has come to our attention,” he added.

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