High Wycombe M&S customer has bag, cash, bank cards and phone stolen by thieves

An elderly customer has been devastated after her bag, containing her phone, bank cards and a large amount of cash, was snatched while shopping in High Wycombe – just weeks after her husband’s funeral.

Karen Atkins told the Bucks Free Press that her 85-year-old mother was out shopping in town on Tuesday April 26 with Karen’s sister when the disturbing incident happened, which came just weeks after her father’s funeral.

After going to the bank to withdraw cash, the couple browsed a few stores together, but Karen said her sister had a bad feeling that they were being followed.

She said: ‘They did a few shops and my sister said she felt like someone was following them but she couldn’t put her finger on it so they continued.

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“They walked into M&S, went upstairs and it wasn’t until she went downstairs to pay for food that she realized her bag had been ripped off.

“She has a push cart she can sit on if she gets tired and she keeps her bag on it in front of her so it’s in front of her in the cart.”

The incident was reportedly caught on CCTV, with Karen claiming a woman ‘distracted’ her mother, while another older woman stole her purse.

The thieves also allegedly took money from their elderly victim’s account after stealing the bag, which contained a “large amount” of cash, a mobile phone and two bank cards.

Karen praised the Eden Mall and M&S security team for being “wonderful” following the theft, but urged shoppers, especially those who are elderly or vulnerable, to be aware when they are moving.

She said: ‘My mum usually isn’t shy about saying anything, but it was awful and upset us all. We lost my father only a few weeks ago, so mum is very fragile. She didn’t need this.

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“There are so many old people going to the bank, they yell at the staff how much money they want to withdraw, they put it in their bag and then they are vulnerable.

“Older people can be very confident, thinking that things like this wouldn’t happen in their time, but they are happening now and you have to be very careful.

“I work with people with special needs and we talk to them about strangers and how to manage their money. It’s just horrible that this can happen. You can’t trust anyone.

“We had to have bank cards and new cards canceled and we reported it to the bank. It’s just real trauma. »

Karen said Eden and M&S security were brilliant after the flight, adding: “They really helped my mum and sister. They were wonderful and I just want to say thank you.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: ‘We received a report of theft at 2.30pm yesterday.

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“The victim, an octogenarian, had her handbag stolen in Eden Place, High Wycombe, between 1.15pm and 2.15pm on April 26.

“The handbag contained a large amount of cash, a mobile phone and two bank cards.

“Following an investigation, the report has been filed pending further information.

“If anyone has any information about this they should call 101 or report online, quoting reference number 43220178976.”

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