Here’s how your old clothes can help people find new jobs

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Being unemployed comes with many challenges. Without a stable source of income, people will struggle to buy food, meet the cost of living, and dress appropriately for work.

The pandemic of the past two years that has crippled the world has also exacerbated the problem.

Fortunately, some Malaysian companies are doing what they can to help job seekers start their new jobs on the right foot, and the public can help too.

Equip job seekers with the right work clothes

Through a partnership with Uniqlo Malaysia, a total of 1,500 job seekers from vulnerable communities such as the B40 group, single mothers, disabled, elderly, homeless and recent graduates will receive free Uniqlo clothes for work.

From April to June this year, PERKESO will select 500 successful job seekers (who applied under PERKESO’s MYFutureJobs program) each month to benefit from Uniqlo’s grant.

Each person will receive a pack of 3 AIRism masks and a set of clothing of their choice from Uniqlo.

Qasdina Marsya Azhar with Uniqlo clothes. Image: PERKESO x Uniqlo Malaysia

The new clothes really help me save money on buying work clothes to start a new job. It also makes me more confident in my workplace. I’m sure other recipients will feel the same way.

One of the Uniqlo beneficiaries, Qasdina Marsya Azhar, 24, who graduated in 2021 and found her first job with a construction company through MyFutureJobs.

How to help new job seekers?

Carousell Malaysia has partnered with Yellow House KL, a community-based non-profit organization, to help equip job seekers with the things they need to seek employment, perform well at work and continue to do good job at work.

Yellow House KL has identified some of the things job seekers need and they are:

  • Gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, chargers, USB cables and printers
  • Men’s workwear such as long-sleeved shirts, belts, long pants, office shoes/sneakers and bags/backpacks.
  • Women’s workwear such as baju kurung, covered shoes, long pants, other types of workwear and handbags.

By May 20, interested donors are encouraged to donate items in good and working condition by listing them on Carousell with the #SamaSamaSapot hashtag in the ad title.

The Yellow House KL team will then contact the donors of the shortlisted items to arrange delivery.

In addition, donors can also donate monetary contributions through the app or chat with the Yellow House KL team to volunteer their time to support the cause.

Resume writing workshop

If you are struggling to write a winning CV, Yellow House KL also runs a series of workshops with a professional trainer to help participants write a good CV for applications.

The workshops will also guide participants on how to dress appropriately for interviews and how to handle difficult situations in the workplace.

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