Harper Ray, Black Woman-Owned Accessories Brand, Wins $106,000 in One Day

Harper Ray Accessoriesa black accessories brand owned and operated by a woman, surpassed its goal of earning $100,000 in one day.

Detroit entrepreneur Gillian Bradley celebrates a milestone for a business she started by channeling her childhood love for fashion and arts and crafts. It wasn’t until high school that she discovered her calling for jewelry making.

“In high school, we had a jewelry class as an option, and we could saw and mold metals and things. I used to take that class very seriously. It was really fun for me to design different jewelry , and that’s really how it all started,” Bradley said, according to the Michigan Chronicle.

Prior to establishing his business model, Bradley sold handcrafted jewelry at school. Harper Ray, named after Bradley’s grandfather, James Harper, was officially launched at Michigan State University, where Bradley earned a degree. The brand started as an e-commerce store, but quickly grew.

“We feel like it’s for us by us,” Bradley said, per a precedent Detroit Free Press report. “Most jewelry is for men to be purchased by women on special occasions. So we believe you can buy your own jewelry. You deserve to shine every day, not just on special occasions. men don’t have to buy it for you.We felt like there was a void in the industry, and that’s what we’re here to fill.

After a $20 mega sale ended on Tuesday, Bradley took to Instagram to share her business success story. She also expressed gratitude to her support system and the “harper baes” for their loyalty.

“I was just a baby in high school making myself basketball women’s earrings (iykyk)… I never would have imagined all of this,” she captioned a post. Pictures. “$100,000 in one day? ! still surreal. thank you to my daughters for believing in me and helping me build this brand. I know I always say it but I am nothing without you! & of course thanks to the harper baes for playing with us so hard.

“We’re a year later, but we’re not a dollar short,” she continued.

Harper Ray offers a collection of fashion accessories ranging from charm bracelets to anklets and body jewelry to hair accessories. Last year, Bradley opened a brick-and-mortar store in Southfield, Michigan, using personal funds and profits from sales.

Bradley wants to represent a wide range of people in this industry while making women feel good and feel good.

“I think we’re such a big consumer base for so many different people, so many different brands, and of course so many different industries. I think it’s a beautiful thing for us to be able to recognize that power and to start being the people who provide some of these products and services,” Bradley said, according to the Michigan Chronicle.

She continued, “We are here to make an impact. We are here to make women feel good. This is our daily goal.

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