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Chelsea Dickenson is also known as the expert on cheap vacations. She is dedicated to “helping you decipher the travel rules and book a cheaper vacation!” She has 19.8 followers on her TikTok Account and 14.9k followers on her YouTube account.

She uses her accounts to post her ideas and hacks, including this latest trick to get around carry-on baggage rules. She used the sneaky trick on a Wizz Air flight to Vienna, suggesting it as an alternative to another common hack.

Chelsea referenced a hack that involves putting clothes in a pillowcase to take on a flight with you as carry-on baggage. Pillows generally do not count towards your carry-on baggage allowance, as they may be counted as a personal item.

However, not all airlines allow large pillows, such as those found on a bed, on flights for free. Chelsea said: “I love this hack but I think it’s a bit risky so I have a lower risk option to try.”

The influencer takes her neck pillow and removes the memory foam insert. She fills it with clothes, like tights, leggings, and her t-shirt.

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She said, “Look how full it is of chokka. We’re ready to go.”

She guided viewers through the boarding process with the extra luggage tucked away, carrying the pillow around her neck. She filmed the successful boarding process and said, “You have to try this.”

The hack has amassed over 2 million views on the platform, inspiring other travelers. One, Robyn Munro, wrote: “Bonus – now you have a change of clothes in case your suitcase goes out!!”

Dave Walker said: “I love it. Although I’m not sure about my used socks for the way home…”

One of them asked the question: “Did he go through the security scanner, okay?” Chelsea replied, “Just put it in your open bag. It pops up like a clothes bag – much like a packing cube would.”

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Hand luggage tips

Use duty free bags

Another content creator, Jazz, detailed a clever way to take more luggage on board. She said: First, I put a bag in a bag. I usually go to Boots, Duty Free, one of those stores and grab a bag because they (cabin crew) aren’t allowed to touch anything in something you’ve already bought at the airport.”

Duty-free purchases can be brought on the plane with hand luggage.

To be ahead

Jazz also suggested being on time when boarding. This can make it easier to take extra baggage on board unnoticed. She said: “I recommend getting on the plane a bit earlier and not being late. That’s when they want to put your purses under the plane, which doesn’t is not the case.”

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