Guy sent to bachelor party with bag for life by angry woman finds she packed kids clothes


A guy who was forced to put his holiday clothes in a bag for life discovered his wife had stuffed it with children’s clothes.

“Damn don’t believe that,” Darren Carrier can be heard shouting as the “Only in Benidorm” TikToks continue.

For those unfamiliar, Darren flew into Newcastle Airport yesterday morning, September 22, with some rather odd hand luggage.

His wife, Julie, who has a sense of humor to die for, hid her suitcase after it was announced at the last minute that he was leaving for a bachelor party the next day.

Darren’s airport escapades started going viral, when his friend, Grumet Mason, shared a video of him and the unconventionally-looking bag, on TikTok with the caption “Only in Benidorm”.

In the video, Grumet says, “You can’t fly with that, Darren,” addressing the elephant in the room.

Darren replies, “I can, damn it, she hid my suitcase, you mad cow.”

The furious husband continues to fume as his boyfriend jokes, “Are you going to get a divorce? Darren quickly responds, “Yes.”

The gaze of a man made by his wife. Credit: @grumet_benidorm/TikTok

We think this is all pretty funny actually, but Darren, who is a council employee, was almost not allowed on the flight.

Airport staff told the boy his luggage was not luggage and asked him to find a bag before boarding.

He took a torn Louis Vuitton bag out of the trash and stuffed it with his clothes.

Darren was finally able to board the flight but that’s not where his problems ended.

When Darren arrived in Benidorm he made a shocking discovery – his wife had packed him a suitcase full of children’s clothes, like very small tops.

“Don’t fucking believe it,” Darren yells as he realizes what’s in the bag.

It all started yesterday.  Credit: @grumet_benidorm/TikTok
It all started yesterday. Credit: @grumet_benidorm/TikTok

He steps out in a way too small Gucci shirt and an unimpressed look that pretty much made our day.

He tells his buddy that his wife gave him the “kids t-shirts”.

Of course, people thought the whole thing was hilarious, with one user commenting, “Who is this woman…😂 I need her advice.”

A second said they couldn’t get enough of his wife’s revenge: “I love this woman. She’s mad because he’s gone and left her with kids, she needs a medal. Love her.”

While another added, “Moral of the story, pack your own bag for life,” which is a really good point.

We can wait to see the sequel to TikToks “Only in Benidorm”.

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