GRP recovers stolen bag with assets of Rs 1.56 L; 1 outfit

After an arduous tracing, Government Railways Police (GRP), Mumbai Central arrested a man for allegedly stealing a 62-year-old female commuter’s bag, which contained valuables worth Rs 1, 56 lakh.

On the morning of August 13, the elderly boarded a train bound for Churchgate from Borivali. After getting off at Dadar station, the woman suddenly realized that she had left her bag, containing gold jewelry, on the local train.

The tense woman managed to catch the same train before it left and worriedly started looking for her bag, which was nowhere to be found. Realizing that her bag had been stolen, she lodged a complaint with the GRP, who then began their search.

With the help of footage from CCTV cameras and informant networks, the cops managed to identify the suspect and create a sketch of him. He was then tracked going back and forth between Pune and Mumbai.

After burning midnight oil for three days, the GRP finally arrested the suspect on Thursday from Pune and brought him to Mumbai. “The accused admitted having stolen the bag of jewels. We have also recovered a smartphone and a laptop from the accused, and are trying to identify the owners of the items,” GRP Senior Inspector Kedari Pawar said. The bag and jewelry were returned to the woman on Friday.

A complaint against him was filed under section 379 of the Indian Penal Code (penalty for theft).

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