From Chicken Waste to Clothes: Center for working with start-ups on unique waste management solutions

The Swachh Bharat Mission, the BJP’s flagship program to clean up cities, has recognized 30 start-ups that will work closely with the government to tackle waste management using “innovative solutions”, according to a HEY report.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) launched a startup challenge earlier this year and sought solutions to address the issues of overflowing landfills, plastic waste and garbage.

“We requested recommendations from states and received 244 applications from start-ups,” said Roopa Mishra, co-secretary and director of the national mission (Swachh Bharat Mission). HEY. “Among these, a jury of experts has chosen 30 start-ups which will be held in hand by the government.”

The report said some of the innovative solutions included robotic scavengers, converting chicken waste into clothing by hand with the help of local artisans, and making carbon-negative building materials from crop residues.

The top 10 start-ups will each receive funding of Rs 25 lakhs from MoHUA and the French Development Agency as well as personalized professional support and capacity building for one year. Eligible start-ups will also receive Rs 50 lakhs in follow-on investment from Villgro.

The top 10 winners are:

1. Genrobotics: It develops scavenger robots designed to clean manholes and sewers, eliminating manual cleaning.

2. The Kabadiwala: The company allows users to sell and schedule free collections of over 40 different categories of recyclable waste.

3. Bintix Waste Research: It tracks the collection, weighing, sorting and recycling of dry waste from each household.

4. Recycle India-Saltech: It transforms single-use plastics, construction and industrial waste into high-performance composite building materials.

5. JalSevak: The start-up recycles wastewater from bathrooms, sinks, washing clothes and dishes for toilet flushes and urinals.

6. GreenJams: It produces carbon negative building materials from crop residues and industrial by-products to replace conventional bricks.

7. Mudita and Radhesh: He transforms chicken waste into handmade fabric, which is then used by tribal women and artisans in the local village to make clothes and accessories.

8. Green Delight Innovation: It produces the first FDA approved sanitary napkins in India which are organic, plastic free and biodegradable.

9. KNP Arises: It provides a platform for hotels, restaurants and other food businesses to dispose of used cooking oil in a traceable and efficient way.

10. Cherries: It produces portable, multifunctional sanitation service equipment that pumps high-density fecal and sanitary sludge from leach pits, septic tanks and manholes.

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