Fashion startup Mys Tyler wants you to use the 80% of clothes that are left in the wardrobe


One of the first challenges many people face first thing in the morning is what to wear to college or work that day.

Surprisingly, according to Mys Tyler founder and CEO Sarah Neill is it 80% of our clothes are permanently confined to the wardrobe, leaving only 20% to do what she calls “the heavy lifting”.

“Especially after the close of time, we’re all guilty of giving that old t-shirt and leggings combo too much airtime,” Neill said.

So the Sydney-based fashion tech startup has released a new feature, Daily Inspiration, which challenges the app’s 120,000 users to have more fun dressing up. Launched today, it sends a daily fashion prompt and can see how women with different body shapes style this look.

“While Mys Tyler’s core experience is hyper-personalized with body-relevant content, Daily Inspiration allows users to be inspired by a wider range of content creators than they might not have. seen otherwise,” Neill said.

Prompts include colors, textures, materials, themes, prints, etc. Think; “off-the-shoulder”, “pops of pink” or “floral done differently”.

“By challenging users to rediscover the clothes gathering dust at the back of their wardrobes, Mys Tyler hopes to get users out of their style ruts and have more fun with the clothes they already own,” said she declared.

Mys Tyler is an inclusive fashion app designed for all women, matching them with other stylish women of similar size, shape and shape to help them shop what looks good on them. It’s a way around the problems of online shopping and clothes that don’t fit you properly.

Neill launched his startup in 2020. The app is now downloaded every two minutes and more than 16,000 outfits have been posted on the platform.

The CEO said Mys Tyler’s philosophy of inclusivity and creating a safe space to find and share fashion content has struck a chord with women everywhere.

Today, Neill wants women to have fun and rediscover their own wardrobe.

“Mys Tyler enables users to find body-relevant fashion content in a diverse and inclusive online community. We’re working hard to tackle the industry’s fit problem, but we’re also here to stand up for women, encourage self-love and have a little fun,” she said.

“The launch of Daily Inspiration will help remove the ‘what should I wear?’ question we face every morning and inspire new ways to style the clothes we already have.

Daily Inspiration is available on the Mys Tyler app worldwide starting April 27. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

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