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A clutch is a compact handbag intended to be held in the hand and without a shoulder strap. Here’s everything you need to know about sleeves.

What is a pouch?

Designed to be carried in the hand, a clutch purse is a feminine accessory that can accommodate a few essentials like a credit card, phone, and driver’s license. There are a variety of clutch designs, and some of them feature a detachable chain or leather strap so you can wear them hanging from your shoulder. Since the Babylonian era, various types of small purses have been used; today they are most often used as evening bags.

The clutch, which has an extraordinary modern design, became popular when women’s clothing became lighter and less bulky and the waistline rose to sit just below the breasts, making it impossible to conceal bags or “pockets” inside the folds or the dress. The classic clutch was developed as a result of the increasing freedom of Western women in the 19th century and the subsequent return of classically styled dresses in the 20th century. Designers began making beautiful jewel-encrusted clutches, which quickly became a must-have item for affluent socialites and Hollywood starlets and are still a must-have for women today.

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