Eliminated ‘Bachelor’ contestant says she spent $ 2,000 on clothes for the show in viral video

Season 26 of The single person returned earlier this month with 31 women arriving at the Bachelor Mansion in search of love with this year’s bachelor himself, Clayton Echard.

One of those women was Daria Rose, a Harvard graduate and a student at Yale Law School. The 24-year-old was knocked out in the first episode but surely made a strong impression with viewers as her name was trending on Twitter when it premiered on January 3.

Over the weekend, Rose posted a video to TikTok which has now been viewed over 800,000 times to discuss the money she spent on dresses for the show.

She explained that the competitors on The single person have to pay for their own dresses, hairstyle and makeup.

Although the bachelor or bachelor in each season of the franchise works with a stylist, applicants are responsible for their own clothing.

Cosmopolitan reported in October that Bachelorette Jillian Harris, from season 5 of The single person, said she took out a second mortgage on her house to buy outfits worth $ 8,000 when she was a candidate.

For the final episode, Men’s health reported that ABC is paying for the dresses of the two finalists.

The magazine reported that unlike other reality shows, the Single and Bachelorette the franchises don’t pay their applicants at all, but those who are chosen to be single or single take home a check for about $ 100,000.

In Rose’s viral video, she introduces her followers to all the outfits she’s purchased in preparation for her appearance on the show, which could have lasted up to two months had it not been taken out.

The first dress, which she wore on TV for her entry on the first night, was a blue dress she bought from Lord and Taylor for $ 198.

In total, Rose showed off seven sets she purchased, ranging from $ 198 to $ 420 per outfit, which works out to a total of $ 2,238.

“If anyone needs to borrow a dress let me know,” she said in the video.

In the comments section of the video, Rose explained that contestants sometimes end up sharing and swapping dresses towards the end of the season.

A former “Bachelor” contestant has gone viral for revealing how much she spent on outfits for the show. Here, this photo shows a man holding a red rose.
Andrey Maximenko / Getty Images

In an Instagram post, Rose shared some of the tweets shared online during the Season 26 premiere when her name started appearing on Twitter.

“Daria has been accepted into all Ivy League schools, graduated from Harvard and is literally in her third year at Yale Law School … Daris is overqualified for the job,” one tweet read. .

In the post’s caption, Rose shared what a producer asked her during her exit interview for the show.

“[M]y producer asked me ‘what’s next?’ “And I said, ‘f ** king graduate.’ And that’s exactly what I intend to do. “

News week contacted Daria Rose for comment.

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