Eight money-saving gadgets to speed up cooking, heating and drying clothes


Homcom Multifunctional Airfryer

Changing the way you cook and keep warm can really help lower energy bills, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

To say we’re all looking for ways to save money this winter is an understatement.

Thanks to soaring energy bills and rising food prices, we are changing the way we cook and heat our homes – and we look at electrical appliances like never before.

“We’re all feeling the pinch right now, but we have lots of ideas to help customers save energy, reduce food waste and use the things they buy longer,” says Wendy Miranda, consumer expert at Lakeland.

“By helping those hard-earned pennies go much further, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference,” notes Miranda.

She says customers are using information from their “Spend Smart, Live Well” campaign to make informed decisions – and are buying products like air fryers, Dry:Soon dryers and items to make micro-cooking easier. waves.

Elsewhere, Cira Jones, Deputy Brand Manager at Russell Hobbs, says: “We’ve seen a huge increase in demand across the board for more energy-efficient appliances.

“Our small kitchen appliances, multicookers and air fryers are selling steadily, almost certainly reflecting a consumer shift towards more energy-efficient cooking methods during the current cost of living crisis,” suggests Jones. “Without compromising on flavor.”

Here’s what’s hot and selling super fast…

1. Homcom Multifunctional Airfryer, £71.99 (9L), Groupon – available early November

Selling like hot cakes, air fryers are enjoying a moment in the sun – a big moment. This beauty has seven programmable menus, with presets for favorites, such as fries, chicken, shrimp and steak (for those indulgent days), bake and dehydrator. With a preheat function, it is said to cook food 50% faster than a conventional oven with a 36% energy saving. Were in.

2. Good To Go Multi-Cooker, currently £69.99 from £79.99, Russell Hobbs

It’s a win-win with this super versatile kitchen kit. There are eight functions to inspire a fusion of global receipts, with options to sear, roast, sous vide, simmer, steam, rice, boil and keep warm. Best of all, when everything is cooked to perfection, the cast aluminum stock pot can be brought straight to the table. Genius.

3. Lakeland Microwave Cookware: Soup Mug, £4.99 (690ml); Saucepan with lid, £7.99 (900ml); Multi-steamer, £12.99 (2.1L); rest of items from a selection, Lakeland

Whether you’re reheating a cup of soup or steaming vegetables, rice, chicken or fish, this line of microwave cookware in racing red is bright and beautiful. And another great alternative to lighting the oven.

4. Finallyigy black glass kettle, £149, Zwilling

The humble kettle may be one of the smallest kitchen appliances, but it’s an energy guzzler. Typically, an electric kettle consumes between two and three kilowatts (kw) – and the higher the kw, the higher the bill.

Zwilling’s sleek eco-glass design produces 1.5kW, has 10 program settings, as well as six temperature levels. Including handy markers, so you only boil the exact amount of water you need – and the keep warm function means water stays at the same temperature for 30 minutes without the need to reboil boil. What’s not to like?

5. Russell Hobbs Ceramic Black Portable Vertical Fan Heater, £29.99, Russell Hobbs

Cute and compact, this energy-efficient ceramic fan heater can be taken from room to room, so no need to heat the whole house. Lightweight, with built-in adjustable thermostat and two heat settings, it is suitable for a standard sized room, up to 15m2.

6. Duux Threesixty 2 White Smart Fan Heater, £99.99, Duux

Available in sleek Winter White or Piano Black, this Threesixty is the supercar of custom heating – showcasing power and efficiency. With WiFi connectivity, smart app compatibility, adjustable temperature and fan settings, it is said to have the ability to heat a 30m2 room twice as fast as conventional heaters.

7. Dry: Quick Dry Pod, £99.99; Drying: Soon Mini-3Tier heated dryer, £129.99; rest of items from a selection, Lakeland

Designed to hold up to 12 items on hangers, this popular module circulates warm air around your clothes and is quoted as costing 34p per hour. While the 3 tier drying rack can hold up to 15kg of laundry, costs 7p an hour and can be neatly folded up so it doesn’t take up much space.

8. Bedsure Electric Heated Blanket (130x160cm), £54.99, Amazon

When it’s time to snuggle up on the sofa, there’s nothing better than an electric blanket to stay warm and cozy. With six heat settings and a nifty automatic shut-off timer, you won’t use too much energy and can turn off the heat.

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