Egypt: A young teenager creates a metaverse with his mother’s old clothes

At only 13 years old, Omar Wael realized an ambitious idea directly inspired by a Spielberg film: to create his own virtual world.

Omar Wael has been passionate about technology and artificial intelligence since a young age. At the age of 9, he first developed his first robot. Subsequently, the output of Spielberg’s Ready Player One in 2018 launches him on a new creation, and not the least. Indeed, the feature film features a fiction in which most of humanity lives in a virtual reality simulation. From then on, Omar Wael immediately launched into the creation of his own metaverse, to useful and lasting purposes.

His mother’s old clothes

By recycling the clothes his mother no longer wore, Omar developed a sensory jacket and glove. These clothes come to life in a software on which the young teenager is still working. In the future, they should allow students like him to take online courses at the heart of his metaverse. The boy’s plans came to fruition thanks to increased investment in the sector as well as the development of many technology startups in the country. Omar was thus able to benefit not only from increasingly accessible knowledge but also from support to carry out his metaverses.

A social and sustainable project

Omar has real and committed motivations. He wishes to emphasize the lasting advantage of metaverses. In his own words, accessing school in virtual reality would reduce traffic and increase the chances of accessing education, just as simulating chemical experiments in the metaverse reduces the economic and ecological costs of testing.

The young Egyptian has already won several local and international awards for his project entitled “The other world”. His success has earned him numerous awards to encourage his great talent and great ideas.

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