Edge On The Clock: Grimes Auctions Props To Help Ukraine

CHARLOTTE, NC — Grimes is auctioning props to help Ukraine, Nick Cannon has a vasectomy consultation, and the “world’s greatest show” is back — all on Edge on the Clock.

Auction for Ukraine

Grimes is auctioning off two of her 2021 Met Gala props. Proceeds will benefit families in war-torn Ukraine.

She told fans on Instagram on Monday that she was selling her Dune-inspired metal face mask and matching elf ears from last year’s futuristic look.

The face mask has an estimated value of $1,200 and the ears $1,500.

Items are available on Etsy through May 26.

Cannon has a vasectomy consultation

Nick Cannon has revealed he had a vasectomy consultation before the birth of his 8th child.

The artist currently has seven children with four wives.

“I’m not looking to fully populate the Earth, but I do look forward to caring for and loving all of the children I currently have,” Cannon said in confirming the consultation.

Adding that he finds comfort in his children.

“The Greatest Show in the World” is back

Lions, Tigers and Bears – Goodbye.

After a six-year hiatus, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey are bringing back the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

But there is a drastic change – no pets.

The circus closed in 2017 after pressure from animal rights groups and a change in public taste.

The showrunner says audiences today don’t want to see cheesy animals or clowns.

The revived circus will focus more on death defying awesome human feats.

The circus will hit the road in the fall of 2023.

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