Drug dealer’s girlfriend spent £100,000 on designer clothes and cosmetic surgery

A drug dealer’s girlfriend recruited her mother, father and brother into her gang after an arrest threatened her way of life, a court has heard.

Jonathan Walsh, 33, ran a ring smuggling amphetamines and cannabis to the East Midlands and met Jodie Bowie on Facebook while in jail for armed robbery.

When Walsh came out, he moved in with Bowie and ran a drug operation that provided him with designer clothes, expensive jewelry, high-powered cars, and cosmetic surgery.

When Bowie’s uncle, Joseph Grey, one of Walsh’s couriers, was arrested, Bowie enlisted his mother, father, and brother to help him move the money generated from the racketeering.

Now the family have been sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Manchester Evening News reported.

When Jodie Bowie’s home was first raided, police found over £100,000 worth of designer clothes as well as £10,000 in cash.

Prosecutor Tom Challinor said: ‘Over a very short period Walsh began accumulating lavish lifestyle possessions including Rolex watches, designer clothes and driving expensive cars at £1,300 a month .

Jonathan Walsh was imprisoned for 15 years


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“Jodie Bowie was working at the time but didn’t have the kind of income that could have supported that lifestyle.

“When it came to spending money, she was fearless.”

Manchester Crown Court heard Jonathan Walsh, 33, smuggling amphetamines and cannabis from the North West to Nottinghamshire as the leader of a drug trafficking ring.

He used various other people to do his “dirty business”, such as dealing drugs and money, including Bowie’s uncle.

Throughout the year-long operation, Jodie, 32, told her parents and brother where to go and delete their messages.

But, five days after Gray made his final trip, he was observed delivering a package to Walsh and arrested by armed police.

He admitted to having a hand grenade in his pocket and a gun and ammunition in his sleeve, as seen in police body camera footage released following the court cases.

His arrest prompted Walsh to find another courier, Kaylum Davies, who delivered the drugs three times until his arrest.

When Joseph Gray was arrested, Jodie Bowie turned to her mother, father and brother for help


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Jodie Bowie’s mother Janice Bowie leaving Manchester Crown Court


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Kaylum Davies’ sister and girlfriend of Noel Walsh, Walsh’s brother Chelsea Davies stored a significant amount of amphetamines in her freezer and was recruited to sell cannabis to her friends, the court heard.

Eventually, ringleader Jonathan Walsh was arrested following a police chase and officers found 15kg of vacuum sealed packets of cannabis worth £150,000.

Messages between him and others showed the scale of the operation, including the number of trips, stockpiling of the drugs and efforts to avoid detection by police.

Mitigating for Jodie Bowie, Brendan O’Leary said his client worked as an elderly carer and there was no evidence she had “extensive” knowledge of the operation.

Sentencing the gang, Judge Elizabeth Nicholls said: “Cannabis is responsible for psychosis, depression and paralysis.

“It is ruining lives equally damaged by OCGs like this in our society. This group was associated with firearms that cause fear and evil.

“Jodie Bowie, you recruited family members as couriers and messaged them regarding hangouts and told them to delete the messages.

Kaylum Davies was jailed for three years


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“You had financial benefits to gain from it, I accept that you have a personal income, but that income did not allow you to have the lifestyle that you apparently had.”

Jonathan Walsh, of Failsworth, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs and money laundering and was later convicted of other offenses and jailed for 15 years.

Jodie Bowie, from Failsworth, Manchester, was given a 21-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class B cannabis and money laundering.

Gray, of Hopgarth Walk, Manchester, pleaded guilty to firearms offenses and later pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering and was sentenced to eight and a half years at Manchester Crown Court in September 2021.

Kaylum Davies, 24, of Pirie Walk, Newton Heath, Manchester pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A heroin and conspiracy to supply Class B heroin (amphetamine and cannabis) and was imprisoned for three years.

Noel Walsh, 38, Cattlin Way, Oldham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class B and money laundering. He was sentenced to three years.

Noel Walsh, brother of Jonathan Walsh, was sentenced to three years


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Geoffrey Keenan, 54, of Clough Road, Failsworth, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class B and possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin was sentenced to two years and four month.

Other members of the company also received suspended prison sentences for their roles.

Chief Detective Inspector Anthony Norman, of GMP’s Serious and Organized Crime Unit, said: “This has been a long and complex operation devoted to dismantling this criminal group.

“It is difficult to understand how damaging these weapons and drugs could have been on our streets if the police had not recovered them first.

“We have now managed to keep these people in prison for a long time, and our community is now a safer place with them behind bars.

“I hope this operation sends a clear message that GMP will work tirelessly to prosecute anyone involved in the supply of harmful drugs and weapons.”

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