Doja Cat It’s Giving Clothing and Accessories

Doja Cat introduced her new clothing line called “It’s Giving,” and if you know the lingo, the collection offers only the verve the artist can give. The collection is comprised of apparel and accessories such as graphic tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, trucker-style hats, and underwear.

Doja presents the collection to us in her volume 1 lookbook in a paparazzi-style photoshoot. It shows the singer in a white t-shirt with the word “YES” in thick orange and red text. She also wears It’s Giving socks with a purple star print, which are also available in brown.

The It’s Giving collection continues with white and brown It’s Giving t-shirts. The shirts feature the brand name around the shirt, with a pink kitten, and the additional phrase, To Give Everything It Needed. The text is also found on a blue t-shirt, shorts set, brown sweatshirt and sweatpants.

The Volume 1 lookbook also features Dojo’s male friend to show that there’s something for him there too. There are men’s and women’s underwear with the “Yes” print, as well as trucker hats in red and brown and kitten tote bags. The collection is available now at It’s giving on line.

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