Dog shoes

“Who run the world? The girls.”

And Beyoncé wasn’t wrong.

On Saturday at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, India’s women’s cricket team made history by winning the country’s first-ever cricket medal by beating England by four runs.

In other news, Jagdeep Dhankhar has been elected to be the next Vice President of India.

Meanwhile, New York is set to host a two-day pop-up restaurant, which will serve dishes inspired by cat food…to humans. On August 11 and 12, the “Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast” event will serve dishes prepared by Amanda Hassner, chef of the Fancy Feast cat food company, in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Cesare Casella.

The purr feast? Reality is truly stranger than fiction.

Dog shoes

From rocks and broken glass to hot sidewalks and roads, there are many things that can hurt a dog’s paws. Enter Zoof Pets, which, according to founders Aneesha Pillai and Deepak Gupta, is India’s only startup designing and manufacturing dog shoes.

The Mumbai-based startup is seeded and says it’s generating enough revenue for the founders to pour money back into the business to make more products and iterations.

Leg guards:

  • Zoof Pets makes five types of shoes – Boots (the flagship product), Casuals, Plops, Grips and Ethnic, each serving a different purpose.
  • The startup has sold around 10,000 sets in India in three years. It also sells a type of raincoat, waterproof collars, leashes, and dog paw balm.
  • Pricing for the Zoof boots, which are sold as an eight-piece set, starts from Rs 799.

Earn money by betting on the news

With the influx of news on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp, it is often difficult to tell the difference between information and opinion.

Aware of this problem and eager to do their part to solve it, IIT alumni Roorkee Divij Goyal and Ankit Shrivastava launched TradeX, a trading platform for future events, in January 2021. The app was also part of the Y Combinator winter 2022 cohort. .

Bet on the news:

  • TradeX allows people to exchange on “opinions that matter to them” and “events that affect their daily lives”, whether it’s politics, COVID-19, Bollywood or entertainment.
  • The prediction market startup functions as a next-gen stock exchange, allowing people to use their opinions to make money.
  • The app has over 5,000 downloads on the Apple App Store and 500,000 total downloads.

TradeX app

In the journey of Pine Labs

When founded in 1998 by Lokvir Kapoor, Pine Labs focused primarily on smart card payment and loyalty solutions for the retail petroleum industry. Eleven years later, in 2009, he entered the world of consumer payments, offering solutions to merchants and connecting them with banks and financial service providers.

In 2021, the Sequoia-Capital-backed company raised $600m from U.S. asset management firm Fidelity, Blackrock and others, followed by a $100m fundraise from the company. American Invesco Developing Markets Fund. Your story delves into the journey of the merchant bank and lending company.

The making of Pine Labs:

  • In 2012, the company launched its first unified point-of-sale (PoS) platform using cloud technology to drive retail revenue and reduce costs.
  • The payment platform’s first customers were Future Group and Shopper’s Stop.
  • Last year, the company launched a payment gateway, Plural, to help new-age direct-to-consumer brands accept digital and credit-linked payments.

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