Different shoes for different people: Cong rulers on Bharat Jodo Yatra put on walking shoes

Asics and Adidas, unfussy, even barefoot everyday shoes… As Congress leaders and workers hit the road for their ambitious 3,570km Bharat Jodo Yatra, shoes are the only concern, but not the only one. .

The dress code is white, and congressmen and women mostly adhere to it. The wide variety of shoes adds a splash of color to this sea of ​​monochromes.

While former party chairman Rahul Gandhi chose a pair of sturdy blue Asics shoes, according to party insiders, general secretary Jairam Ramesh opted for Adidas. Their party colleague, Kanhaiya Kumar, said he didn’t need any special shoes and the party’s training officer, Sandesh Sachin Rao, walked barefoot on the first day of the yatra.

Former party chairman Rahul Gandhi chose a sturdy pair of blue Asics shoes. (Source: Twitter)

Rahul Gandhi, along with several party leaders, embarked on the Bharat Jodo Yatra on Thursday, marking the start of a campaign to raise awareness across the country, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, aimed at reviving his electoral fortunes.

As they skim through the political discourse, several leaders wear multiple pairs of shoes.

Rahul Gandhi, sources said, carries two pairs of shoes ready to walk an average of 22-23 km per day.
Ramesh, the party’s general secretary in charge of communications, found Adidas the most comfortable.

“I decided that since I’m going to be walking such long distances, I need to be comfortable. So I tried five different brands. I found this Adidas pair to be very comfortable. When asked about congressional leaders wearing sports shoes for the Yatra, Ramesh said, “I’m sure they have invested in shoes.” While many Congress leaders were seen wearing sports shoes with walking in mind. follow, some seemed indifferent to the long distance.

When asked if he had a new pair of shoes for the long distance before the yatra, ‘Bharat Yatri’ Kanhaiya Kumar replied that he didn’t need any special shoes; he is originally from Bihar and always willing to walk long distances.

The “Bharat Yatris” are those who will cover the entire distance of 3,570 km. The 119 congressmen and women were seen wearing largely white attire – kurta-pajamas, shirts, T-shirts, sarees and salwar suits.

The Bharat Yatris also received standard Khadi bags containing a bottle of water, an umbrella and a pair of t-shirts.

The march will cover 12 states and two union territories in 150 days.

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