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This video that was shared on Reddit shows how a cat becomes so attached to a human that it follows them on top of its bag.

One cat video in particular has gone massively viral on Reddit. This shows how a cat has become so attached to a human who gave him love that he continues to follow him. But what’s most hilarious about this video is that the cat doesn’t really make much of an effort to keep up with this human. The feline simply jumps onto the bag that human is carrying and continues to do so even after being lifted and placed on the street where it remains. “I think I may have been a little too nice to the cat around the corner,” reads the caption that accompanies this cat video.

The video was shared on the subReddit named r/cats. This community has over 3.5 million cat lovers eagerly waiting and sharing different photos and videos of cats and kittens that can be seen doing the most adorable things. This particular video will definitely make you want to keep watching it on repeat, due to its sheer cuteness.

Watch it here:

The video was shared just over three days ago and has received 42,000 upvotes so far.

“10/10 would travel with this catpanion,” one admitted, with a kitty pun. “Omg this cat is beautiful,” wrote another. To this, the original poster replied, “He is! Its owners actually have a female in the same colors that they breed from time to time. I spotted 3 new kittens hanging in their window last week, all perfect copies of their parents!” “He loves you,” a third pointed out.

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