Cute baking accessories that look good enough to eat

The Great British Bake Off collection from a selection at Cath Kidston.

The Great British Bake Off is back on Channel 4 and with it a national desire to whip, sift, zest and savour. Jacqueline Wake Young takes a look at some of the lavish cooking gear that has just hit stores.

Get ready to put on a few pounds as the nation goes cake-crazy with the return of Bake Off.

The popular TV show is back for its 13th series, and as a result, the urge to whip up a Red Velvet will be strong with many of us.

GBBO Showstopper Placement Print Easy Fit Apron, £24, Cath Kidston.

Last year, Judge Paul Hollywood gained 12 pounds during Bake Off, much to his annoyance.

He blamed staying in a hotel with the production crew and contestants while filming the series as part of covid precautions for weight gain and was baffled as to why the same n hadn’t happened to fellow judge Prue Leith.

GBBO icing placement for large pie dish, £28, Cath Kidston.

The celebrity chef told a Sunday newspaper after the series ended, “I gained 12 pounds in that bl**** tent. Prue took a pound. A pound during Bake Off? It’s ridiculous.”

In the program’s early years, retailers credited it with a home baking revival, while the Women’s Institutes cited the Bake Off effect for increasing their membership by approximately 25%.

The Women’s Institute said at the time that Bake Off got women into baking by “eliminating the fear factor” and making it fun.

Showstopper mixing bowl printed in yellow, £30, Cath Kidston.

Like any new – or rediscovered – hobby, much of the fun comes from getting all the new kit needed to park, even though most of us already have everything we need to pack a tray of scones.

Cath Kidston, in particular, anticipated the mood by launching a range of baked goods that will make even the simplest sponge cake look spectacular.

Meanwhile, many homeware stores now have dedicated kitchen sections where a person can marvel at pink spatulas and springform pans to their heart’s content.

The best choices…

Sophie Allport x National Trust Woodland Walk adult apron, £24, National Trust.
Stanley Mug GBBO Conversational Print, £8, Cath Kidston.
GBBO Cake Stand icing placement print, £35, Cath Kidston.
Showstopper Ditsy Glass Storage Box, £17, Cath Kidston.
Betty Winters Silicone Utensil Spatulas and Spoon, £3, B&M.
Betty Winters Silicone Cupcake Cases, £2, B&M.
The Great British Bake Off collection from a selection at Cath Kidston.

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[Pretty baking accessories that look good enough to eat]


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