Couple pocketed after Ryanair ‘lost their clothes’ as dream wedding turns into chaos

A couple had their wedding dreams dashed after Ryanair and Swissport failed to get their luggage to Italy.

Norrie and Shona Lewis, both 56 and from Edinburgh, tied the knot last Tuesday (May 31) – but not in the way they imagined.

The two airlines are said to have managed not to put their bags – along with those of 40 other passengers – on a May 28 flight from Edinburgh to Bergamo.

They were badly out of pocket after being forced to buy new outfits for their ceremony. They also have no clothes for their honeymoon in Sicily.

Black taxi driver Norrie is now demanding answers from Ryanair and Swissport, and can’t see why the luggage couldn’t have been delivered to Bergamo before the wedding, reports EdinburghLive.

He said: ‘We flew with Ryanair which was delayed for two hours. Communication on which gate to get to was non-existent, and it wasn’t even on the departure board.

“When the gate was subsequently changed, there was no announcement or communication with us.

“We were supposed to leave at 5 p.m. but we left after 8 p.m. for Bergamo.

The couple claim that 40 other passengers also failed to collect their luggage

“My wife and I lost our luggage – it was a disaster when we arrived in Italy.”

When the couple arrived in Bergamo, they were met with confusion by airport staff in Italy.

Norrie added: “Bergamo airport staff had no idea that more than 40 people were without their luggage. They told us the plane was empty when we asked where our luggage was and said they were going home. This was after we waited at the airport for over an hour.

“The impact this had on our planned wedding was devastating. Neither of us had our wedding outfits or our honeymoon clothes. The extra expense added to our trip was exorbitant, we had to buy new clothes and paying for round trips to the airport trying to find out what was going on – not to mention the taxi as we had missed our connection.”

Newlyweds are now honeymooning in Sicily with costs rising with each passing day.

Norrie said: “We have no idea how much we’ll be out of pocket by the end of our honeymoon.”

The couple flew from Edinburgh to Bergamo with Ryanair
The couple flew from Edinburgh to Bergamo with Ryanair (stock)

The taxi driver says he has contacts inside the airport and was told the luggage could have been dispatched the following day, but the procedure apparently stopped Swissport’s attempts.

He continued: “At this point our suitcase still hasn’t arrived and we are now on our honeymoon.

“I’m still scratching my head as to how they couldn’t send us our file.

“They found him on Sunday but apparently procedures prevented them from sending him.

“I know from a reliable source that Swissport handling wanted to send it to us when they found out what was in the case, but were arrested for some reason.

“It basically left us out on our honeymoon and we had to buy clothes.

“I am absolutely disgusted with the way we were treated.

“You will no longer have to relive your wedding day abroad.

“We want those responsible to be held accountable and will seek full reimbursement.”

The Daily Star has approached Ryanair and Swissport for comment.

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